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PMC 2640

Assault Publishing gets into the season of giving with their new gift mini they're offering with certain orders on their website. The mini is based on one of the art pieces from PMC 2640, their sci-fi miniatures rulebook. They'd originally wanted to have it for their 3rd anniversary, but stuff sometimes gets delayed. Anyway, the figure is now available with qualifying orders until February. What qualifies the order?
-Purchase15mm models worth 200 PLN or more at Assault Publishing store;
-Purchase a printed copy of the PMC 2640 rulebook at Assault Publishing store;
-Purchase both the SF Engineers and SF Observers set from APDS SF range at Assault Publishing store.


From the announcement:
Assault Publishing is having a special sale on their PMC 2640 rulebook over on their website.



From the sales sheet:

In June 1997 Blackwater USA, the most famous modern mercenary company (today known as Akademi), was formed by Al Clark and Erik Prince in North Carolina.

Now, you establishing your own PMC of far future even easier! From today, untill the end of June 2014, you can get PMC 2640 printed rulebook in the price of pdf version! When placing the order in Assault Publishing webstore type BLACKWATER code to get this special discount!

Assault Publishing is proud to release Hell on Echnida, their free demo version of PMC 2640 which also doubles as a mini-expansion.


From the release:

Today "PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna!" was released.

Hell on Echidna is free demo version of Assault Publishing sci-fi PMC 2640 miniature wargame but also its mini-expansion with a little new stuff which can be valuable for existing PMC 2640 players.

"Hell on Echidna" is far more than typical, few random pages. It constists of all you need to play the battle: core rules (exactly the same like in the rulebook!), shortened terrain list, special terrain generator for post-apocaliptic planets, the rules of composing the army on Tier II, the new scenario (not presented in the main rulebook) and the list of a few units (incuding two new ones) and special rules they utilises. There is also new Battle Honour, which may be given to your troops if you decide to play your campaign battles on Echidna or other post-apocaliptic planet.

To summarize, "Hell on Echidna" everything you need to try the game mechanics, mood and assumptions and of course spend a great time playing the wargame! And remember that it's just a piece of all cool things that full game offers!

Assault Publishing has added some more Brigade Models tanks to their APCR range over in their webshop.


From the release:

The new batch of Brigade Models minis was added to the Assault Publishing Choice Repacks range.

The full list of new APCR models is below:
Assault Publishing has some new Cannon Fodder cans for PMC 2640 now available over in their webshop.


From the release:

Today I launch uncommon article: 'Cannon Fodder' PMC 2640 starters. They are intended as special gifts sets for wargamers and are far from typical, hackneyed X-Mas "We gonna to clear our stock at the end of the year by giving few percent of discount" offer.

All packs includes starter PMC 2640 army and the code allowing to download PMC 2640 e-book (which may be used alternatively to get discount on printed version or printed/pdf bundle). But one thing makes them really differ from other similar : all sets are packed in real, metal can, with specially designed label, which gives them real extraordinarily appearance!

They not the common article and they are planned to be prepared occasionally in very limited amounts. If you are looking for really original present for you or your friends, which merges fine ruleset, fine starter army and superb packaging, the Cannon Fodder packs are something worth to consider! But better hurry, there are just few cans prepared!

You can get Cannon Fodder cans only in Assault Publishing on-line store

Assault Publishing now has their PMC 2640 game rulebook available for all you digital-media-user-people out there.


From the announcement:

As requested by many wargamers, today PMC 2640 hard Sci-Fi ruleset was released also as the e-book in pdf format. Of course printed version remains in the offer.

E-book costs 66 PLN (~20-22 USD, ~15-17 EUR, ~12-14 GPG depending on exchange rate) and may be purchased in Assault Publishing on-line store . If you wish to enjoy high-quality printed rulebook and handy digital version, you may buy PMC 2640 Bundle, which consists of both of them - in very good price!

But it is not the end... If you previously got PMC 2640, whatever from distributor or directly from Assault Publishing store, untill end of October 2013 you may buy digital version with 50% discount. If you wish to do it please send the e-mail to us to get more details.

Assault Publishing and Rebel Minis have teamed up to bring you Assault Publishing Choice Repacks, a new series of minis kits designed for PMC2640.


From the announcement:

Today there is very important day for Assault Publishing! After long preparations, repacking and discussions Assault Publishing Choice Repacks range was enlarged by models provided by Rebel Minis from USA!

APCR is the unique composite 15mm line, dedicated forPMC2640 wargame so all models cover the particular unit from the rulebook. It grows slowly, but constantly. Its main goal is to provide the finest available 15mm miniatures from the varied producers as the best wargames deserve for the best minis!

The new releases include 7 new infantry re-packs and 15 vehicles, starting from small buggies to huge tank and gunships.
PicoArmor now has the sci-fi rules for PMC 2640 available via their webshop.

From the announcement:

Assault Publishing's new company scale Sci-Fi rules are now in stock at their exclusive North American distributor, PicoArmor

PMC 2640 is a fast company scale sci-fi miniature wargame, which allows you to command mercenary troops of the 27th Century. Corporate wars, Space Bug infestations, and rebellions – all these challenges await brave and skilled commanders.

In the rulebook you will find:
Assault Publishing has released their new sci-fi minis game, PMC 2640. Go and check it out on their website.

From the release:

Assault Publishing proudly announces that PMC 2640 sci-fi ruleset was released!

In the rulebook you will find:
- A short introduction to the world of the 27th century. You can familiarise yourself with a brief history as well as with descriptions of space travel and future warfare.
- A fast-playing ruleset with a focus on intuitive rules, simplicity and elimination of unnecessary details, all of which ensure that the game runs smoothly with a few as well as with a few dozen units on the table!
- Six basic competitive scenarios coupled with terrain generators, which provide a variety of challenges and allow you to demonstrate your tactical flexibility.
- A long list of different, yet equally useful units, allowing you to create an army which suits your playing style, whether it is based on long-range bombardment, stealth operations or brutal assaults on enemy positions.
- The Recognizable, Cool-Looking rule, which replaces WYSIWYG and allows you to use any models you wish and to display your modelling skills. Although written for 15mm miniatures, the ruleset is suitable for all sci-fi scales, with figures either based on their own or on squad bases.
- Advanced, playable and addictive campaign rules. Establish your own company, recruit your troops, promote and train them, lead them in epic battles and become the most famous and powerful mercenary commander in history! In the course of service, your troops might become not only valuable veterans but also traumatized wrecks – or even both!
- Solitaire/cooperative game mode with additional rules, six new scenarios, and two unique army lists for rebelling colonists and Space Bugs.

Assault Publishing has announced their next game: PMC 2640, a new sci-fi minis game.

From the announcement:

PMC 2640 is the third wargame made by Assault Publishing and deals with warfare in the 27th century. Although there are plenty of sci-fi wargames, PMC 2640 has many interesting features which make it unique and very enjoyable.


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