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PMC 2640

Assault Publishing gets into the season of giving with their new gift mini they're offering with certain orders on their website. The mini is based on one of the art pieces from PMC 2640, their sci-fi
Assault Publishing is having a special sale on their PMC 2640 rulebook over on their website.SourceFrom the sales sheet:In June 1997 Blackwater USA, the most famous modern mercenary company (today kno
Assault Publishing is proud to release Hell on Echnida, their free demo version of PMC 2640 which also doubles as a mini-expansion.SourceFrom the release:Today "PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna!" was release
Assault Publishing has added some more Brigade Models tanks to their APCR range over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:The new batch of Brigade Models minis was added to the Assault Publishing C
Assault Publishing has some new Cannon Fodder cans for PMC 2640 now available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release: Today I launch uncommon article: 'Cannon Fodder' PMC 2640 starters. They are
Assault Publishing now has their PMC 2640 game rulebook available for all you digital-media-user-people out there.SourceFrom the announcement:As requested by many wargamers, today PMC 2640 hard Sci-Fi
Assault Publishing and Rebel Minis have teamed up to bring you Assault Publishing Choice Repacks, a new series of minis kits designed for PMC2640.SourceFrom the announcement:Today there is very import
PicoArmor now has the sci-fi rules for PMC 2640 available via their webshop.From the announcement:Assault Publishing's new company scale Sci-Fi rules are now in stock at their exclusive North American
Assault Publishing has released their new sci-fi minis game, PMC 2640. Go and check it out on their website.From the release:Assault Publishing proudly announces that PMC 2640 sci-fi ruleset was relea
Assault Publishing has announced their next game: PMC 2640, a new sci-fi minis game.From the announcement:PMC 2640 is the third wargame made by Assault Publishing and deals with warfare in the 27th ce