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Play Unplugged TV

Play Unplugged has a new show in the works that's designed to help everyone become better painters. The Painting Detail is coming soon to a computer screen near you.SourceFrom the announcement:It is w
Play Unplugged talks about a subject near and dear to all of us gamers... dice.How many do you have? At one point, I played a 2000pt game of 40k (3rd edition) with my Orks and never rolled the same D6
Play Unplugged had an interview with Paizo Publishing while at Origins. They taped it and are now showing it off for everyone to see.From the interview:Like a lithe elven ranger, Play Unplugged‘s Andr
Play Unplugged had a chat with Larry Elmore while at Origins and figured everyone would want to see what they talked about.From the interview:This post marks both Play Unplugged‘s 500th piece of gamin
Play Unplugged has posted episode 3-4 of their vidcast up online for your viewing pleasure.In this episode:In this episode of Play Unplugged TV we take a look at Forcemaster Vs. Warlord: Enter the New
Play Unplugged posted up vidcast episode 3-3 for your viewing pleasure.In this episode:Greetings Play Unplugged fans! Last weekend Play Unplugged cosponsored a release event with Arcane Wonders and Ph
Play Unplugged continues their seemingly never-ending (a good thing) interview series from GenCon with one with Eric Johns of Wyrd.From the interview:Up and at ‘em soldier! Sgt. Murder brings you his
Play Unplugged continues their interview series from GenCon. This time it's with Erik Mona of Paizo Publishing.From the interview:Gen Con Indy 2012 coverage just keeps on coming! Gen Con had so many a
Play Unplugged was really busy while at GenCon. Here's another interview they did. This one's with Curt Covert of Smirk & Dagger Games.From the interview:Sgt. Murder had just finished playing a demo g
Play Unplugged put up another of their video interviews from GenCon. this one is with Laura Tommervik from Wizards of the Coast talking about the Rise of the Underdark.From the interview:A dark force
Play Unplugged has another of their GenCon interviews up online for your viewing pleasure.From the interview:At ease disease! Play Unplugged’s Sgt. Murder loves miniatures! The more, the better. One c
Play Unplugged posted up a video interview they did with Brian Shotton and Keith Lowe, makers of MERCS, while at GenCon.From the interview:It’s back to boot camp at Gen Con Indy 2012! Sgt. Murder insp
Play Unplugged has up another video interview. This one with Bryan Pope of Mage Wars.From the interview:Ten-hut gamers! Sgt. Murder is back for for Gen Con Indy 2012 madness! This interview features B
Play Unplugged has a video interview up they did with Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games.From the interview:Play Unplugged’s non-copyright infringing Sgt. Murder is on the scene at Gen Con Indy 2012! His
Play Unplugged kicks off their MERCS reviews with an unboxing of the Keizai Waza starter box.From the unboxing:A Month of MERCS kicks off with a bang, as Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini unboxes the Ke
Play Unplugged TV has another video interview up. This time it's Ryan O'Connor, one of the people behind Ascension.From the interview:Play Unplugged‘s Origins 2012 coverage is winding down as we prepa
Play Unplugged TV recently had a chit-chat with Randall Bills of Catalyst Game Labs and they taped it so you can all watch it now.From the update:This latest episode marks Play Unplugged’s 300th piece
Play Unplugged continues with their interview series, this time with Andrew Niggles and Conquest Tactics.From the interview:Play Unplugged‘s coverage of Origins Game Fair 2012 continues! Conquest Tact
Play Unplugged has a video interview up with David Doust from CoolMiniOrNot. It's a good watch.From the interview:Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini sat down with David Doust of CoolMiniOrNot at Origins
Play Unplugged did themselves a video interview with two of the minds behind Mage Wars. Check out the video on their website.From them to you:At Origins 2011, Mage Wars made a huge splash! This year M
Play Unplugged TV takes a look and unboxes the Legion of Everblight Battlegroup Starter box for Privateer Press' Hordes line. It's full of blight-y goodness.From the unboxing:If you felt the temperatu
Play Unplugged TV has another unboxing for us. This time it's Miskatonic School For Girls.From the website:Question: How many school’s have Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn! as a part of the alma mater? Answer:
Play Unplugged TV has a nice unboxing up of the Army Painter Mega Set.From the review:Break out the brushes! Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini unboxes The Army Painter‘s Mega Paint Set!
Play Unplugged TV gives you a nice video unboxing of Ascension: Storm of Souls. It's always good to know what you're getting when you buy something.From the website:What’s this?!?! Dark clouds on the
Play Unplugged TV gives us a look at Lords of Waterdeep in the most recent update to their vidcast.From the review:In this episode Enrico unboxes Lords of Waterdeep, a Dungeons & Dragons board game fr