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Plast Craft Games

It seems as though civilization has collapsed once again. Way to go, Todd! I told you to pick up your stuff! Now we've had to live below ground for seemingly forever. But the surface world is safe for
Wyrd is showing off some photos of the new terrain that Plast Craft Miniatures is making specifically for Malifaux.Malif1Malif2Malif3 SourceFrom the preview:Following our announcement a couple of days
Plast Craft Games has announced that they'll start making official terrain for Malifaux.SourceFrom the announcement:Great news!!! Plast Craft Games has reached an agreement with Wyrd Miniatures and wi
PlastCraftGames posted up some preview shots of their new 15-20mm Ewar terrain they're working on.SourceFrom the post:We are glad to present the new scenery line EWAR 15-20mm. We hope you enjoy the di