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With the drive to Indy yesterday, I obviously didn't have much of a chance to make posts (and no, trying to type in the car all day was not an option. I would've gotten all the carsick). So today I br
PK-Pro has released their new Incredible Masking Putty over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:PK-PRO Incredible Masking Putty is a simple and intelligent masking material, wich can be easily use
PK-Pro helps you make your models and terrain look like the Midwest after yesterday's storm rolled through (record snowfalls in my old home of Collinsville, IL.) with their new model snow powder and c
PK-Pro turns 7 years old (*snifflesniffle* They grow up so fast!) and is giving you the presents with a sale this week in their online shop.As PK-PRO is celebrating their 7th year in online business t
PK-Pro gives you modelers something new with their flexible sandbags.From the announcement:PK-PRO is releasing the brand new flexible Sandbags from Juweela! You can arrange these bags as you wish and
PK-PRO has some more base options for you square-base-game-players with their new cobblestone bases.From the release:PK-PRO brings out their new squared cobblestone bases! All sizes are available!
PK-PRO has released new neon round profiles (that's what they're calling them, anyway). They're available on their website.From the release:We have some new transparent neon round profiles for your ro
PK-PRO has another etched brass piece for you with a new fern style.From the update:We brought out our new fern.Content: 32 fern leaves.Length per leave:- 7 x 24 mm- 12 x 18 mm- 13 x 13 mm.Scale suita
Aetztech has some new etched brass plates over on PK-Pro. Go have a look-see.From the release:Aetztech presents their new Building-Signs-1 and Warning-Tapes-2. The Building-Signs-1 are coming on a 5 x
PK-PRO has new fur texture pieces to help when you're sculpting some ... well... fur onto your models.From the update:PK-PRO got the new Textur-Plates-Fur-Set from Masq-Mini. This plates are made from
PK-PRO just came out with some new steampunk sets full of cogs and wheels and other such fun things.From the update:PK-PRO brings out their new Steampunk-Sets and toothed wheels sets for creating indi
PK-PRO is showing off what they'll be offering in April.From the release:PK-PRO brings out their multi bases for wargames. They are 100 mm long and 40 wide. Each slot measures 16 mm in diameter and is
PK-PRO has some new etched brass token sets available on their website. They're down at the bottom. Also, it's in German.From the update:Aetztech brings out some new etched brass! A new big set of bui
PK-PRO has new bases for your minis. This time, they're alien decks, strewn with little fun bits to add a touch of the eerie to your minis.You can just picture Ripley in a load lifter on one of these.
PK-PRO reminds us that basing is half the model, and helps us with new cork-rock basing material.A very analytical note from the makers:Ca. 200 g cork rock. Approximately 2-3 pieces.Average size: 10 x
PK-PRO presents its new Maple Leaves brass etchings:From their post:Aetztech presents its new Maple Leaves. The set content of 93 leaves. 22 x 4.0 mm, 24 x 3.5 mm, 30 x 3.0 mm and 17 x 2.5 mm leaves.
PK-Pro is turning 6 and having a special sale event in their online store.From their announcement:PK-PRO is celebrating their 6th birthday!
PK-PRO now has Bricks and Roof Tiles to their webstore:From their announcement:PK-PRO have a new range of 28-33 mm scale briks, roof tiles and flat crown tiles! In packs of 250 to 2000 you can choose
PK-PRO Announces New Releases:From their announcement:Aetztech brings out a fine detailed french lily set and a new science fiction sheet. Both will be available from 1st of December on!
PK-PRO release new brass etchings:From their announcement:Some new etched Brass from Aetztech arrived! Big Numerals and Characters. Each letter/number is 5.5 mm high.
PK-PRO announces new chariot sized bases:From their announcement:The new Carriot bases arrived at PK-PRO! In wood, rock and desert style. And the best, the more you buy, the cheaper they are :)
PK-PRO announces new basing accessories:From their announcement:Hey Folks, we have some new etched brass for you! Our new manholes are available in a set or as single ones!Just have a look at our etch
PK-PRO have announced two new Aetztech etched brass releases for June 2011. From their announcement: Aetztech brings out new etched brass in June 2011. There will be the original barbed wire which co
PK-Pro have released two new Aetztech etched brass products. From their announcement: Hey folks, Aetztech releases new etched brass. A latin character set and a roman numerals set. Both 5 x 3 cm
PK-PRO have added several new products to their online store including some new releases from TINs Bits. From their announcement: Hello hobby people, we have new Stuff from TINs Bits. The two female