Midweek Snippets/Terrain Corner

With the drive to Indy yesterday, I obviously didn't have much of a chance to make posts (and no, trying to type in the car all day was not an option. I would've gotten all the carsick). So today I bring you both the Midweek Snippets and today's Terrain Corner together again in one place.

In this batch of bite-sized articles and terrain stories we have: DLD Productions website now open, Web-Based RPG Toolset City of Brass Opens, New Releases Available from Hitech Miniatures, Pondemonium! A free print'n'play boardgame or 3D wargame, Now available – Ruins of Sanctuary 30mm RL deal (20x bases) and 40mm RL deal (8x bases), PK-PRO - Aetztech new etched brass, Werewolf Tokens Up On Kickstarter, Wheel of Flame Gaming Candles Up On Kickstarter, New Warthrone approved army list: Skaven from Warhammer, Free PDF at The Ion Age: Shia Khan Empire in Patrol Angis, Brigade Models - new 15mm SF Buildings, New Manorhouse Workshop Pre-painted – Tabletop Terrain, Some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Kromlech New Release - Legionary Pistols, and Icarus Miniatures Preview The Gunslinger.

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Incredible Masking Putty

PK-Pro has released their new Incredible Masking Putty over in their webshop.


From the release:

PK-PRO Incredible Masking Putty is a simple and intelligent masking material, wich can be easily used for masking your Models before brushing with Airbrush. It is a dilatant Silicon Putty. It changes its behaviour depending on the force applied. With low force you can easily shape it. A ball made of Masking Putty would bounce like a rubber ball, it will splinter when hit with a hammer and breaks smooth when ripped apart. It does not stain, is free from grease and cannot dry out and is therefore an ideal tool to airbrush patterns on your models. It can be reused many times.

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PK-Pro releases new model snow powder and crushed glass

PK-Pro helps you make your models and terrain look like the Midwest after yesterday's storm rolled through (record snowfalls in my old home of Collinsville, IL.) with their new model snow powder and crushed glass.

From the update:

Model-Snow-Powder Set (Model Snow Powder + Crushed Glass) for realistic mud, powder and deep snow effects.

The advantages of PK Model Snow Powder:
- Chemically inert! No reaction to or with colours, super glue, wood glue, water or other chemicals!
- No colour fade! No yellowing!
- Abrasion-resistant if applied professionally.
- Can be fixed with varnish.
- Glitter efect can be improved with PK Crushed Glass.

Delivery content: 50 mL (ca. 90 g) of Model Snow Powder + 50 mL (ca. 60 g) of Crushed Glass.

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New etched brass plates from Aetztech on PK-Pro

Aetztech has some new etched brass plates over on PK-Pro. Go have a look-see.

From the release:

Aetztech presents their new Building-Signs-1 and Warning-Tapes-2. The Building-Signs-1 are coming on a 5 x 7 cm sheet and contains 19 signs of different size. The Warning-Tapes-2 are comming with 10 tapes. Each tape is 90 mm long and measure 2,0 mm width.

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PK-PRO has new fur texture pieces

PK-PRO has new fur texture pieces to help when you're sculpting some ... well... fur onto your models.

From the update:

PK-PRO got the new Textur-Plates-Fur-Set from Masq-Mini. This plates are made from a strong but flexible material. With this you can pressmould the texture to your putty very sharp. The set contains 3 50x50mm plates. Each plate has a more or less fur texture.

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PK-PRO has new bases: Alien Deck

PK-PRO has new bases for your minis. This time, they're alien decks, strewn with little fun bits to add a touch of the eerie to your minis.

You can just picture Ripley in a load lifter on one of these.

Hello folks,

PK-PRO presents their new alien-deck bases! There are 10 different 25 mm, 5 different 40 mm, one 60 mm, one large flight base, 3 different smal flight bases and two different big oval bases!


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PK-Pro releases new cork-rock basing material

PK-PRO reminds us that basing is half the model, and helps us with new cork-rock basing material.

A very analytical note from the makers:

Ca. 200 g cork rock. Approximately 2-3 pieces.
Average size: 10 x 15 cm.
Average thickness: 2.5 cm.
Average density: 0.12-0.20 kg/m³ (very light!).
Cork rock can easily be cut and glued.
Products of Creative-PRO are natural products. The colors and the shapes of the actual product could be slightly different to the photos!

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