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Pins of War

Pins of War takes a look at the Tabletop Tyrant Squire figure case for carrying around your little mans and gives you his thoughts on the subject.



From the article:

My miniature collection grows, thus I need storage. Since I already own a few cases from Tabletop Tyrant, such as my trusty Kingmaker (behind the books in the pic above), I was more than happy to see Tabletop’s newest addition, the Squire Plastic Figure Case.

Pretty much the same size as Tabletop Tyrant’s “half-size” Kingmaker, it replaces the black material case for a sturdy plastic exterior. One (or more) of those should be really useful in storing larger miniature collections (e.g. Warhammer 40K).

Pins of War posted up their thoughts on the Space Marine Strike Force Ultra Dataslate for Warhammer 40k. Was it Ultra or just Ummm? Read on to find out.



From the review:

Dataslates first hit Warhammer 40K during last year’s Digital Advent Calendar, leading up to Christmas. Like any of the pre-Christmas digital dataslates – say the Tau Fire Support Cadre – the Strike Force Ultra dataslate was written to match the box of miniatures of the same name.
The Strike Force Ultra, as it comes in the box, is already a solid army in itself – 1485 pts. minimum without any upgrades.

Pins of War has noticed that Games Workshop has gotten rid of all their social media for their properties.


From Pins of War:

Games Workshop has not had much loving for Social Media for a while. A little over a year ago, they shut down their “main” Facebook page, though pages for individual Games Workshop stores, as well as sub-groups such as Black Library or Forge World remained.

Now those have been axed as well, along with Twitter Accounts and other Social Media channels GW has been using.

Pins of War gave you their thoughts on the model, but what about the book? Well, now you can find out with their Imperial Knight Companion Review.


From the review:

Releasing the new Imperial Knights for Warhammer 40K, Games Workshop gave it their all. Not only is there the new miniature and the new Codex, there is also The Imperial Knight Companion, a pure collectors book of Art, Heraldry, Pictures and Background.

Games Workshop did a lot of picture and art books in their time. Heraldry books aren’t uncommon in Warhammer Fantasy either.

Still, among these, the Imperial Knight Companion is without doubt one of Games Workshop’s best eye-candy products so far… it’s a genuine 40K coffee table book; absolutely stunning to look at. I only wish the writing would’ve been a tad more engaging.

Pins of War takes a look at the new Imperial Knight in a 2-part unboxing article up on their website.


From the article:

Games Workshop’s Imperial Knight! It’s flying of the shelves everywhere, and I couldn’t really resist it. To be fair, it’s been a long (long, long) time since I build anything this size.

No time like now to get stuck in.

Pins of War sat down with Mat Hart, part of the team behind Guild Ball, and had a little chat. They figured you'd like to know what they said.


From the interview:

Guild Ball came out of nowhere and took Kickstarter by storm, bringing fresh ideas to the popular genre of Miniature Sports Games.

Guild Ball isn't played on a board at all, but on a wargaming table like a miniatures skirmish game, simply one about sports!

Enough reasons to ask the creators of Guild Ball some questions...

Pins of War is wondering which you guys prefer, the new Games Workshop Knights or the Leviathans from DreamForge Games.
I know which one I prefer. *looks on desk*


From the article:

Ever since word got out, that Games Workshop was doing a plastic kit for an Imperial Knight, debates have raged on whether gamers should opt for the model from GW themselves, or opt instead for a surprisingly fitting alternative, the Leviathan Crusader from DreamForge.

Time for … a poll!

Pins of War had a sit-down with Robert Burke about his Drago Magi card game that's up on Kickstarter. They figured you'd like to see what they talked about.


From the interview:

Robert Burke is raising fund for his brand new strategic card game Draco Magi on Kickstarter. The main draw - of course - is the fantastic dragon art, though the game-play looks equally great.

Reasons enough to ask Robert Burke to share some thoughts on his now game!

Pins of War takes a look at the new weekly White Dwarf magazine and gives you their thoughts on the subject.


From the review:

Games Workshop trimmed their White Dwarf Magazine to a new 32-page weekly format.

The price-per-page nearly doubled in the process, but the magazine does have a bit more focus.

Pins of War knows transporting minis is important and so they're letting you know how they feel about the Tabletop Tyrant Kingmaker Figure Case, just in case it would be the perfect case for you.


From the review:

Tabletop Tyrant is a new range of light-weight, competitively priced Miniature Figure Cases from the UK.

Pins of War looks at the "half-sized" Kingmaker Figure Case. Great customization, light-weight and very affordable.

The online tool for configuring the foam trays was particularly helpful.

Pins of War takes a look at Ravage #9 and gives you their thoughts on the subject.
Note: Ravage #10 is due out later this month. Be on the lookout for it in a couple weeks.


From the review:

Pins of War reviews CoolMiniOrNot's Ravage Miniatures Gaming Magazine Issue #9!

Packed with content, Ravage #9 delivers a lot of quality content, including a great review on Warhammer High Elves, new rules for X-Wing and interesting painting guides.

Pins of War takes a look at the Style X brushes and lets you know if they'd be the right brushes for you.


From the review:

Style X Hobby is a new company from Korea, producing hobby brushes and supplies.

Pins of War and BadAss Studios team up to thoroughly test the Style X products.

These may well be some of the best synthetic hobby brushes currently available!

Pins of War sat down and had a chat with Mantic's James Hewitt and they talked about DreadBall Ultimate. Would you like to know what they said? Read the interview, then.


From the interview:

DreadBall Ultimate - bringing Multi-Player action and gigantic players to the DreadBall pitch - will start shipping towards the end of September.

Mantic Games' James Hewitt answers a few questions about the new, larger, ultimate version of DreadBall.

Pins of War recently sat down with the guys from Vesper-On Games and talked about the next expansion for Carnevale called Fangs and Crosses.

From the post:

Pins of War set down and talked with David from Vesper-On Games about their Skirmish Game Carnevale, their latest expansion Fangs and Crosses, and their Kickstarter campaign.

What's more, David shared an exclusive piece of concept art for a monstrous miniature that Vesper On is looking to fund!

Pins of War recently sat down with the makers of the Zom-B-Girls Pin-Up Cards and figured you'd like to know what they all talked about.

From the interview:

Justin from the Zom-B-Girls Kickstarter talks about Zombies, Pin-Ups and why mixing them for his Kickstarter makes a fun game!

Pins of War recently sat down with Emiliano M. from Maki Games and talked about terrain and Kickstarters and all that fun kind of stuff.

From the interview:

Emiliano Mancini, one of the creatives behind Maki Games, talks about Hard Plastic Modular Wargames Scenery, his company Maki Games and about the perks of living in a multi-cultural city like Amsterdam!

There is also a little preview of concept sketches for Maki Games second Hi-Tech Theme.

Pins of War had a little chat with game designer Jake Thornton about his latest endeavor: Deadzone.

From the interview:

Despite his busy schedule (drafting the Deadzone rules, updating the Kickstarter, his designer Journal over on Quirkworthy, etc… ), Jake sacrificed some of the few hours he normally reserves for sleeping to answer my a few questions about Deadzone: Contagtion at Pins of War.

Pins of War recently sat down with Alyssa Faden and chatted about Torn Armor. See what they had to say.

From the interview:

This is an extended 2-part interview with Natalya A. Faden, the creator of Torn World and the current Torn Armor Kickstarter.

In part 1, Natalya talks about her background as a pen-and-paper RPG-designer and her inspiration for Torn Armor.
In part 2, Natalya reveals new details on the miniatures and the gameplay for Torn Armor.

Pins of War takes a look at Norsgard's Valdis the Witch, posting up an unboxing article about it.

From the unboxing:

After Christmas, I was one of the lucky winners (as a runner-up) of Norsgard Miniatures' naming competition for Valdis the Witch. The prize arrived. Let's see what's inside the blister!

Pins of War got themselves a copy of Ravage Magazine issue #5 and put up a review, comparing it to a recent issue of White Dwarf.

From the review:

Synopsis: Though Ravage magazine has half the page-count of a current White Dwarf, it is a far more fulfilling read. It’s packed with content. However, as all content is “branded” to different games. Scarcity of generic hobby content would keep my away from a subscription.

Pins of War posted up an interview they did with Ted Terranova about Rivet Wars, the new game up on Kickstarter (that's doing fantastically, I might add).

From the interview:

The Rivet Wars Kickstarter launched with great success.

In an interview with Pins of War, Ted Terranova - the man behind Rivet Wars talks about his inspiration for the game and miniatures, his partnership with CoolMiniOrNot and about his plans for the future.

Pins of War sat down with the guys at Games & Gears to talk about their new gaming boards.

From the interview:

Interview with London's Games & Gears about Tabletop Gaming Boards made from Injected Plastic, their current Kickstarter campaign and future plans for their business.

Pins of War wants to see your painted Chaos Space Marines. If you share, they may share fabulous prizes with you.

From the contest: is holding a giveaway to celebrate the new release of Chaos Space Marines for Warhammer 40K.

If you paint Chaos Space Marines and share your pictures on, you're eligible for prizes, including a Chaos Space Marines Heldrake, two fantastic terrain kits sponsored by or a Black Crusade Roleplaying Game from Fantasy Flight Games.

To participate, pin your pictures on and enter your information in the Rafflecopter widget.

All prizes will ship international free of charge. The contest will end November 11th.


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