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Pinnacle Entertainment Group

The folks over at Pinnacle Entertainment Group are bringing you more content for their Pathfinder for Savage Worlds line. They've got both Curse of the Crimson Throne as well as The Advanced Player's
Some gamers prefer certain gaming systems. Others prefer certain gaming worlds. Well, if you're a fan of the Savage Worlds system but want to play in the Pathfinder setting, you're in luck as Pinnacle
56 Unpainted Fantasy Mini Figures
Some of you may be wondering why Paizo and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are working together to create Pathfinder adventures in Savage Worlds. Well, they have an answer for you. The short version is,
Pathfinder. It's one of the most popular RPGs out there. Savage Worlds, it's one of the most popular RPG systems out there. Next year, you'll get these two great tastes tasting great together as Pinna
The lands of Appalachia have a long history of strange tales and weird goings-on. Author Tim Earley has written books using that setting for his dark fantasy/folk horror stories. Soon, you'll be able
FLASH! AAAAAAH!Ok, I might not be able to sound like Freddy Mercury (but, honestly, who can?), but I can still dream. And in the Flash Gordon RPG, you can become part of the classic sci-fi world (I'll
The wild west is getting even wilder. Doomtown: Reloaded is getting itself a new expansion. It's called There Comes a Reckoning and it'll be adding 96 new cards to your collections (well, four copies
It's always cool when a bit of pop culture gets its own gaming rules. You have enjoyed watching/reading about the various characters and the world they inhabit, and now you feel like you're able to jo
Sometimes you see a game world that you think is really cool, but you're not sure you can get your group to try it out because it's not a system they like using. Sure, you could do your best to conver
This week just seems to be screaming by. At least, I feel it is. I'm hoping yours is going by well-enough. I feel it's mostly because it's been rather busy over on this side of the screen. Various pro
I know I've mentioned before that I find it a little sad that World War II gets "almost all the love" when it comes to hobby gaming, since I find World War I all the more interesting. It was the war t
There are plenty of things out there that go "bump" in the night.... like my upstairs neighbor who seems to feel the need to walk around at all hours of the night doing god knows what...But there are
Enascentia. It's not the new fragrance from Calvin Clone. It's the high-fantasy RPG setting by GGStudio, using the Savage Worlds rules set, and originally published in Italian. The game is now up on K
Detroit. It's sort of a mess. And in The Thin Blue Line supplement for Savage Worlds, it's even worse than you've been seeing on the news. There are angry spirits, dangerous supernatural creatures, an
Weird West has been a pretty popular genre, especially lately. With the rise of Blackwater Gulch, Shadows of Brimstone, and Wild West Exodus, among others, more and more gamers are heeding the call of
Saddle up and get ready to ride, hombre, because Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Oni Press are bringing the wild west to your tabletop with The Sixth Gun, coming to Savage Worlds. The Sixth Gun is a
Pinnacle Entertainment Group has announced that they're bringing the world of Rifts to their Savage Worlds RPG system. Rifts, the post-apocalyptic setting, combines elements from just about everything
Pinnacle Entertainment Group lets us in on what they've been cooking up for Savage Worlds with a bit of information of some new setting they have on the way. The Lankhmar City of Thieves is coming out
Pinnacle Entertainment Group is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Last Parsec, a new sci-fi RPG using the Savage Worlds system.SourceFrom the campaign:The Last Parsec is a scifi setting of planet
Pinnacle Entertainment Group is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Weird Wars Rome book for Savage Worlds.From the campaign:Her legions strode forth from the center of civilization—west to Engla