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Pig Iron Productions

As days go by... we get closer and closer to the weekend. We're at the crest and about to start working our way back downward to those blessed days off (well, I'll still be making some post on the weekend, but you already knew that). Since it is the middle of the week, that means it's time for a sampler platter of bite-sized stories.

Today's snippets include: Grand Manoeuvre to publish Nineteenth Century Rules, New Orc Melee Weapons From Kromlech, New Tech Order Heads from Puppets War, Gemhammer Deck of Many Things Up On Kickstarter, Pig Iron Productions closing its doors, and Klukva Miniatures Previews New Releases.

Pig Iron Productions has some new Kolony Sci-Fi figures releases available over in their webshop. From full figures to accessories, go and have a looksee what they've got.


From them to you:

Today marks the release of some new 28mm sci-fi products for the Kolony range - System Scavengers. As you would expect from us the figures come with separate heads and backpacks for a wide range of customisation within this and the other Kolony ranges.

There are 2 complete packs of figures plus the head/pack sprue is available separately. Figure packs are £10 + postage and heads/equipment packs are £5 + postage.

Also released this month is a generic sprue of pouches - ideal to use on a wide range of figs and periods.

As a bit of background to these new figs...
Pig Iron Productions gives us a look at what the painted-up versions of their Infected minis look like.


From the preview:

Here's some colour images of the new Infected figs. I've tried to keep the colours muted but not too dull. I'm pleased with how they came out but I want to paint up plenty more for my own use so need to work out a bulk painting method with washes and dry brushing. I'll show you how I get on over the xmas break.
I'm painting up some Sudan highlanders at the moment which is a nice change - they've been part of the lead mountain for ages.

Pig Iron Productions has some new Infected minis available over in their webshop.
Reminds me I still need to get a flu shot.


From the announcement:

This month sees the release of our new 28mm 'Infected' minis.

These figures are generic range of Infected humans that can be used for a variety of different scenarios such as: Rage virus victims, debased Vampire covens, Demonic possession, Plague victims, Cannibal cults, Post Apoc scavengers, Zombie plagues, Mutants or Alien infestation victims. The only real limit is your imagination.

They are available in a variety of different pack sizes with more 'Infected' releases coming in the new year.

Figures are single piece castings with a 'peg' type basing method. Bases not included.

8 figure packs are £16.00 + p&p and 4 figure packs are £8.00 + p&p

They are available to buy now from our shopping cart and will be filtering into our overseas distributors over the coming weeks.

Pig Iron Productions has posted up their August releases on their website. This month features their Near Future Irregulars.

From the announcement:

This month sees the release of our new Near Future Irregular sprues. These sprues will allow you to create irregular style figs that can be used for all sorts or paramilitary, insurgents, militia, gangers, survivors etc.
The legs feature a combination of jeans, tracksuits and fatigues with a mix of military boots, hiking boots and trainers. The torsos have a mix of body armour and jackets, with assault rifles and pistols. All are on our popular rubble sprue for base decoration.

Sprues and head packs are £5.00 + p&p

The new hooded heads speak for themselves, but you could also use them on our regular troops for black ops style figs. Also, the NF Mercenary heads look great on the irregular sprues.

More irregular NF stuff coming soon plus some weirder NF stuff that I've been working on in secret.

On the downside, it's been a long time coming but we've had to implement a price rise across all our ranges. We think they're still good value though - but we would say that!

Pig Iron Productions gives you more options to customize your minis with the release of several new head sprues.

From the update:

New NF Heads available to buy now

Our 4 new head packs for our Near Future range are available to buy now on our web store.

The new head packs are:
HD.22 - Ballistic helmets with gasmasks. £4.50
HD.23 - Mercenaries. £4.50
HD.24 - Berets. £4.50
HD.25 - Boonie Hats. £4.50

Plus, they are available to buy as an option with our Near Future Infantry pack (10 heads, 10 legs and 10 torsos for £20.00). Simply choose which set of heads you want and tell us in the comments/special instructions box.

Pig Iron Productions is another of the vendors that'll be at Salute and they'll have their new releases available with them at the show.

From the announcement:

New Near Future packs from Pig Iron

This month at Salute sees the release of 4 new head packs for our Near Future range. These packs have been designed to work with our Near Future Trooper sprues (as shown in the pics) and give gamers loads of new options to design their forces just as they like them.

The new head packs are:
HD.22 - Ballistic helmets with gasmasks. £4.50
HD.23 - Mercenaries. £4.50
HD.24 - Berets. £4.50
HD.25 - Boonie Hats. £4.50

At Salute (and next week on our website) they will be available to buy either as a pack of 20 heads or complete with our Near Future Infantry pack (10 heads, 10 legs and 10 torsos for £20.00).

As with all our heads, they are designed to be compatible with most heroic scaled Sci-Fi ranges to offer endless converting opportunities. Also, I have been doing some test conversions with our Kolony Rebel body/leg sprues and they look great as raggedy irregulars - more on this soon on our blog.

More NF releases are being sculpted now so keep checking our blog for more updates.

Graven Games takes a look at the Near Future Infantry Squad produced by Pig Iron Productions and gives you their thoughts on the subject.

From the review:

Today we are looking at the Near Future Infantry Squad from Pig Iron Productions, a 10 man squad perfect for 28mm wargames including Tomorrow’s War and Warhammer 40k. Pig Iron are well known for their various 28mm infantry and heavy vehicles, and we’ve always found them an extremely friendly and helpful company to deal with. The Near Future Infantry Squad kit allows you to create unique infantry squads with a variety of weapons and poses.

Pig Iron Productions would like to let you all know about their Near Future range that's now available over on their website.

From the release:

We're pleased to announce that the first packs of our new, Near Future range are available now from our web store.

To get this range started we've created a selection of head, torso and leg sprues that enable you to build squads with an endless variety of poses. The first set of sprues are 'generic infantry' with a range of different weapons and poses. We plan to expand this squad type with more weapon variants, HQ and character poses plus move onto insurgent and more 'irregular' style troops.

As you would expect all these body parts are compatible with each other to give you loads of conversion opportunities.

The sprues are £4.50 each but we've done a full squad for £20 which works out slightly cheaper than buying the sprues separately.

Pig Iron Productions will have several new sprues available next week for their Near Future range, letting you make several types of troopers.
Though if you're at Warfare, you can get them sooner.

From the announcement:

This weekend at Warfare sees the launch of the first packs of our 28mm Near Future range. These will be available from the Tablescape stand along with our other products.

The first release is a selection of sprues that enable you to build squads of well equipped troops complete with assault weapons, saw's and anti-tank missiles. They have been designed as next generation infantry that could be used to represent any nations armed security forces.

The sprues are split into separate torsos, legs and heads that give you endless combinations of poses. As usual the sprues have been modelled into scenic rubble which can be used to decorate your bases and are all available separately. They have been designed to work with our Kolony sprues and fit nicely with 'heroic scaled' plastic figures which will please all the converters out there.

They will be available to buy on our website next week and keep visiting our blog for painted examples over the coming week to two.

The sprues are £4.50 + postage

Graven Games has another of their reviews up. This one is for Pig Iron Production's Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders.

From the review:

Back in June we took a look at Pig Iron Production’s Kolony Rebels, a set of 28mm sci-fi miniatures on which Pig Iron had included rubble shaped sprue for use in decorating the bases. Since then Pig Iron have released the Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders, and it looks like they have taken the rubble shaped sprue idea to the next level on this kit. The Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders kit contains enough parts to build 3 Rebel Leaders with mixed clothing, plus plenty of detailed extras for decorating the bases with.

Graven Games has a review up of several tanks available from Pig Iron Productions. Are these the right tanks for you? Find out in the review.

From the review:

Today we’re excited to bring you three reviews in one, a collection of huge war machines from Pig Iron Productions. We already know from our previous reviews that Pig Iron Productions make some great infantry models (see our other reviews here), so we’re excited to see what their vehicles have to offer. Each of these futuristic vehicles is 28mm scale and are based around the same large armoured chassis.

Pig Iron Productions has new Kolony Rebel Sprues to help customize your forces.

From the announcement:

This month sees the release of our 28mm Kolony Rebel Squad Leader sprue. The multipart sprue contains 3 sets of legs, torsos and heads - enough to make 3 complete figures. These continue in the same vein as the other rebels but we've given the heads caps and comms to set them apart from the rest of the rank and file. As you would expect they are fully compatible with the other rebel body parts to give you even more variety.
As with our last few releases we've made the sprue into decorative rubble that you can snip up and use to add character to your bases. This sprue not only contains rocks and rubble but broken machinery and general mechanical debris.
The sprue is available to buy now off our web store and will be filtering into our overseas dealers over the next few weeks.

Cost is £6.75 + postage for 3 x multipart figs.

Pig Iron Productions posted up a whole bunch of wips that they're working on currently. Expect to see final versions of these models in the near future.

From the update:

We thought it was well worth showing you all what we've been up recently. There's been quite a lot of work done to create masters for future sculpts as well as working on more Kolony Rebels squad leaders.
Our multi-part sprues have gone down a storm which has convinced up this is the way forward with future releases. To go with the new sculpts we've done a better, more detailed rubble sprue with broken machinery etc to add more character to your bases.
For a long time we've also been meaning to update the Heavy Infantry as the sculpts were some of our earliest so the multi-part project has given us a great opportunity to revisit the design but keep the same overall feel, add more detail and make the parts compatible with the Kolony line.
Also, on our radar are more generic Near-Future head, body and leg sprues, again, all fully compatible with the Kolony and Heavy Infantry range.
Enjoy the pics - some sculpts still need plenty of work but they give you a good idea of where we're going.

Pig Iron will have their new Kolony Rebel squads at Salute. Those going should pick some up.

From the release:

Straight off the painting table are the new 28mm Kolony Rebels made from our multi-part metal sprues. These will be available for the first time at Salute from the guys at Tablescape.

Prices are £4.50 for a sprue of either 5 legs or 5 torsos and the heads remain £4.50 for 20.

Each leg/torso sprue is available separately for maximum conversion ability.
They will be going up on our shopping cart shortly afterwards and filtering into our distributors over the next couple of weeks or so.

Pig Iron is showing off some of their new models on their blog. They just got them in recently and are excited to show them off. So go take a look.

From the announcement:

At long last here's the first shots of some Kolony Rebels built from our body part sprues.

Each sprue contains five different bodies or legs and come with a mix of battered clothing and weapons. Keen converters will see that the amount of variation you can get even with these first 4 sprues is massive. Couple this with the different heads options and the variations are endless. The legs don't have cast-on bases as we've noticed more and more people have been snipping them off our figs and using fancy decorative resin bases. This will no doubt annoy some people but we think it works ok.
Pig Iron Productions has Tomorrow's War and New System Command figs.

From their announcement:

Pig Iron stocks Tomorrow's War and New System command figs
Two new things here at Pig Iron, firstly we have a new pack of System Trooper command figures out this month.
The 3 figure packs are carrying data tablets and are ideal to add some tactical assets to your forces. They feature separate heads and backpacks - as you would expect from us.

Secondly we are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the Tomorrows War rulebook and as a special offer we are letting you choose a free pack of heads with every copy. We are a big supporter of TW over the last few months and hope to continue this support moving forwards.

This offer is only for UK Customers.

Pig Iron Productions have released their 28mm System Trooper Sniper Team figures and Scenic Wall sections.

From their announcement:
System Trooper Sniper Teams and  Scenic Wall sections are available to buy now. The Sniper pack consists of a sniper and spotter with camo capes, cast-on heads with hoods and a separate rifle.

The scenic walls come as 4 small metal sections that can be used to create scenic bases not just for the snipers but for all sorts of periods and scales.

They are available to buy now and will be filtering into our overseas dealers very soon.
Pig Iron Productions have posted a preview of their 28mm System Sniper team. System Sniper team From their website:
It's been a while since our last proper Pig Iron update so here's where we are up to with the System Sniper team. There are 2 figures in the pack and the sniper has a separate rifle. The heads are cast-on due to the hooded capes. They are nearly ready for the casters once I have tidied up a few bits so expect them to be released in the next few weeks.
Pig Iron Productions figures will be available at Salute 2011. From their website:
Just a quick reminder that Pig Iron miniatures can be purchased from the Tablescape stand at Salute this weekend. Enjoy the show.