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Pig Iron Productions

As days go by... we get closer and closer to the weekend. We're at the crest and about to start working our way back downward to those blessed days off (well, I'll still be making some post on the wee
Pig Iron Productions has some new Kolony Sci-Fi figures releases available over in their webshop. From full figures to accessories, go and have a looksee what they've got.pi_prod_eq.4pi_prod_hd.27pi_p
Pig Iron Productions gives us a look at what the painted-up versions of their Infected minis look like.SourceFrom the preview:Here's some colour images of the new Infected figs. I've tried to keep the
Pig Iron Productions has some new Infected minis available over in their webshop.Reminds me I still need to get a flu shot.SourceFrom the announcement:This month sees the release of our new 28mm 'Infe
Pig Iron Productions has posted up their August releases on their website. This month features their Near Future Irregulars.From the announcement:This month sees the release of our new Near Future Irr
Pig Iron Productions gives you more options to customize your minis with the release of several new head sprues.From the update:New NF Heads available to buy nowOur 4 new head packs for our Near Futur
Pig Iron Productions is another of the vendors that'll be at Salute and they'll have their new releases available with them at the show.From the announcement:New Near Future packs from Pig IronThis mo
Graven Games takes a look at the Near Future Infantry Squad produced by Pig Iron Productions and gives you their thoughts on the subject.From the review:Today we are looking at the Near Future Infantr
Pig Iron Productions would like to let you all know about their Near Future range that's now available over on their website.From the release:We're pleased to announce that the first packs of our new,
Pig Iron Productions will have several new sprues available next week for their Near Future range, letting you make several types of troopers.Though if you're at Warfare, you can get them sooner.From
Graven Games has another of their reviews up. This one is for Pig Iron Production's Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders.From the review:Back in June we took a look at Pig Iron Production’s Kolony Rebels, a set
Graven Games has a review up of several tanks available from Pig Iron Productions. Are these the right tanks for you? Find out in the review.From the review:Today we’re excited to bring you three revi
Pig Iron Productions has new Kolony Rebel Sprues to help customize your forces.From the announcement:This month sees the release of our 28mm Kolony Rebel Squad Leader sprue. The multipart sprue contai
Pig Iron Productions posted up a whole bunch of wips that they're working on currently. Expect to see final versions of these models in the near future.From the update:We thought it was well worth sho
Pig Iron will have their new Kolony Rebel squads at Salute. Those going should pick some up.From the release:Straight off the painting table are the new 28mm Kolony Rebels made from our multi-part met
Pig Iron is showing off some of their new models on their blog. They just got them in recently and are excited to show them off. So go take a look.From the announcement:At long last here's the first s
Pig Iron Productions has Tomorrow's War and New System Command figs. From their announcement:Pig Iron stocks Tomorrow's War and New System command figsTwo new things here at Pig Iron, firstly we have
Pig Iron Productions have released their 28mm System Trooper Sniper Team figures and Scenic Wall sections.From their announcement:System Trooper Sniper Teams and  Scenic Wall sections are available to
Pig Iron Productions have posted a preview of their 28mm System Sniper team. From their website: It's been a while since our last proper Pig Iron update so here's where we are up to with the System
Pig Iron Productions figures will be available at Salute 2011. From their website: Just a quick reminder that Pig Iron miniatures can be purchased from the Tablescape stand at Salute this weekend. En