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You all know I'm a big fan of items that can help GMs along in their mission of making a good game for their players. Pre-made adventures, maps, and other materials can really cut down the prep-time n
No, "backwards-told" doesn't mean that you need to read the story while looking into a mirror. That would just be absurd. In this case, it is more like the movie Memento. PenguinComics has created ano
The week rolls along (and I've got Ace of Spades playing), so you know I'm working at a pretty fevered tempo. If I'm going to keep up this pace as I work on TGN stuff and then get busy with some work
The Generic Adventures that PenguinComics has posted have been rather popular. You get a bit of action and adventure that you can easily fit into whatever game system you're using, all for just $1. We
Well, the world has ended again. Damnit, Carl! You shoudln't've been messing around with that panel during the military base visit we were on! Now, you'd think that living in a post-apocalyptic world
As you've heard me say before, I'm a big fan of any sort of extra resources a GM can get. As someone who has just started a new campaign with a new group of players, I certainly appreciate having reso
We've all done it. We've been watching a movie or reading a book and the characters will be about to do something and we'll scream at the screen/pages, "Don't go in there!" or "No! Go right! Go to the
Say you find yourself in 1901, as one often does, and you're, say, backpacking through Europe, again as one often does, and you find a nice little inn along the way, as one often does, and you decide
It's not uncommon to find setting books for RPGs that don't have a system associated with them. If it's a Fantasy setting, you can use it with any Fantasy RPG you might be playing. Same with Sci-Fi or
PenguinComics knows some people might be curious about their Solo Adventure books, but might not want to initially spend money on one. It's ok. In this day and age, you've gotta be careful with your m
It's not easy, boating around the South Asian Sea. A storm can come up out of nowhere and get you off-course. There's all sorts of coral reefs that you have to worry about. There's the possibility of
The week continues on. How many of you are still working on Thanksgiving leftovers? Tonight will be the last of the sliced turkey and sweet potatoes for me. I do, however, still have many servings of (not to be confused with Penguin Cafe Orchestra. And yes, I do think you should go look them up) has released their first book in a line of new Random Solo Adventures books. Right ou