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Fridaaaaaaaaaay! Woo!
*coughcoughcough* Ok, so I'm still a bit sick. But having slept for... oh... about 15 hours, give or take, last night, I'm feeling a bit better. Also, my appetite is coming back. So there's that. As such, I'm not just having soup, I'm also noshing on these bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New 32mm Infested Bases From Dark Art Miniatures, PeltaPeeps in Mensa Mind Games 2018, New Ancient Oval Bases Available From Micro Art Studio, and Mystery Dice Weekend Sale at Kraken Dice.

The social world can seem much like a game. You've got the various connections you make with others, that can form or break over time. Well, Pelta Games has decided that if social groups can be thought of as a game, why not turn it into one? That's what they've done with PeltaPeeps. You can pick up your copy now, with a special introductory price.
Most of us here are pretty nerdy. And many of us don't make connections with others too easily. That's what we've got our games for. It's a social activity that helps "break the ice" with others. Well, Pelta Games is looking to bring something like that to the tabletop with PeltaPeeps, their new board game. They've launched a special, 1-week campaign over on Kickstarter.