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Pax Prime

With all the talk of other conventions going on, we've not really heard much about PAX Prime. There will be gaming there. I've seen Randall from Catalyst talk a bit about it on their Facebook page. Fl
Catalyst Game Labs is headed to PAX Prime and would love to see you there. Give Randall a big hug. Tell him I sent you.SourceFrom the announcement:Catalyst Game Labs will be at Pax Prime 2014 in force
Japanime Games will be holding another Pre-PAX Tabletop gaming event later this month. Gaming for a good cause is always better than just gaming.SourceFrom the announcement:Japanime Games will be host
Catalyst Game Labs is headed to PAX Prime this weekend. You should stop by their booth and say hello.From the announcement:Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to be attending Pax Prime again, in Room 213!In
Soda Pop Miniatures will be headed to PAX Prime next weekend and would love it if you could stop by.From the announcement:Soda Pop Miniatures is excited to be attending PAXPrime 2013!We had a great ti
Catalyst Game Labs posted up an after-action report for Pax Prime like they did for GenCon. Go have a look-see.From the report:For the first year Catalyst Game Labs attended Pax Prime!Last year we did
CoolMiniOrNot was at PAX Prime this past weekend and they've put up a post about how the show went.From the article:Hello from Seattle, Washington!Specifically from the commerce-laden dealer halls and
Advanced Deployment has a bunch of new tokens and objectives available. If that weren't enough, they're having a sale. And if that weren't enough, they're also headed to PAX (... and yes, I'm jealous)
Catalyst Game Labs is going to PAX Prime and they've got a whole bunch of things planned.PAX Attendees Can Go Hands-On with MechWarrior Tactics and MechWarrior Online and Secure Limited Edition Poster
Catalyst Game Labs & Harebrained Schemes are going to be attending Pax Prime for the first time and they'd love it if you could stop by and say, "Hi."Catalyst Game Labs is attending Pax Prime for the