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Pax Prime

With all the talk of other conventions going on, we've not really heard much about PAX Prime. There will be gaming there. I've seen Randall from Catalyst talk a bit about it on their Facebook page. Flying Frog Productions will also be there, and they'll have some pre-releases for Shadows of Brimstone along with them.
Catalyst Game Labs is headed to PAX Prime and would love to see you there. Give Randall a big hug. Tell him I sent you.



From the announcement:

Catalyst Game Labs will be at Pax Prime 2014 in force! We’ve got a slew of great gaming and games to check out at Room 213

Japanime Games will be holding another Pre-PAX Tabletop gaming event later this month. Gaming for a good cause is always better than just gaming.



From the announcement:

Japanime Games will be hosting demos at 2nd Annual SkyHigh Pre-PAX Tabletop Event benefiting Food Lifeline!

When: Thursday, August 28th, 5:00 pm - 2:00 am

Where: Columbia Tower Club, 76th floor, downtown Seattle

Who: Hopefully you, along with 249 of your closest friends or soon-to-be friends, ages 21+

What: Back for another year! This is not just another board game party! Featuring thousands of dollars in prizes from the gaming and food industry, life-sized versions of some of your favorite games, food, drinks and the chance to match wits with some of the nation's best game designers, this is THE party to be at on the night before PAX! Every cent - that's EVERY. RED. CENT. - that we raise on this evening (beyond the costs of producing the event) will be donated to Food Lifeline. Rated by Charity Navigator as 4-star charity, they provide food for homeless people in Western Washington and across the nation. Oh, and it takes place in a swanky private club atop the tallest building in Seattle.

Catalyst Game Labs is headed to PAX Prime this weekend. You should stop by their booth and say hello.

From the announcement:

Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to be attending Pax Prime again, in Room 213!

In addition to playing some great games, we’ll have a variety of games for sale, as well a slew of other game swag, from t-shirts to laser-etched glasses, clip boards to USB drives loaded with game PDFS, and more.

Stop on by Room 213 and check out all the action!

Soda Pop Miniatures will be headed to PAX Prime next weekend and would love it if you could stop by.

From the announcement:

Soda Pop Miniatures is excited to be attending PAXPrime 2013!

We had a great time last year and this year is going to be even better. Come play Super Dungeon Explore, Tenctacle Bento, and other games from our partners at Cipher Studios and Fun to 11!

If you did not get a chance to pick up the special Super Dungeon Explore hero, come get a copy of Nyan Nyan, our limited release hero for Super Dungeon Explore, and to celebrate the upcoming release of Relic Knights, a Limited Edition Candy & Cola for your collection!

Our booth is on the 3rd Floor Atrium, just off of the escalators, Can't Miss Us! We are open after the hall closes, and will be around till 8PM!

Catalyst Game Labs posted up an after-action report for Pax Prime like they did for GenCon. Go have a look-see.

From the report:

For the first year Catalyst Game Labs attended Pax Prime!

Last year we did some reconnoiter work to get a feel for the convention. We found out right away that while the major draw is all the latest and coolest computer games (not like some of us stood in line an hour and a half for 8 minutes of play or anything…), there’s a huge slice of people there that also attend to cram in as many tabletop games as they can in that 3-day weekend…we’ve all been there and done before.

CoolMiniOrNot was at PAX Prime this past weekend and they've put up a post about how the show went.

From the article:

Hello from Seattle, Washington!

Specifically from the commerce-laden dealer halls and gamer-filled corridors of PAX Prime 2012… otherwise known as the Penny Arcade Expo. For anyone in the gaming industry, PAX represents one of the most interesting gaming conventions we can attend. Its extravagant exhibitor booths, sneak previews of awesome new games, and enormous attendance (100,000+ attendees!) give companies like Cool Mini or Not a chance to help bridge the gap between video game-centric fans and board/card/miniatures game fans. If sales at the Cool Mini or Not booth were any indicator, this effort was a complete success!

Advanced Deployment has a bunch of new tokens and objectives available. If that weren't enough, they're having a sale. And if that weren't enough, they're also headed to PAX (... and yes, I'm jealous).

From the update:

We're pleased to announce this round of new products!

For that new Steampunk RPG that is out just around the corner (and for thsoe of you lucky few that got it at Gencon) we've got an accessory kit that is perfect for it. We've also got extra bases.

3d Objective markers
Three more new objective markers/terrain for you!

-Futuristic Signage
-Bloodthorn Plant
-Kraken Tentacle

3d tokens:
-Fire Tokens

We've also got a promotion going on while we're at PAX Prime this weekend.
Place an order between 8/30 and 9/3 and get a free goodie bag. All bags have a coupon for 5-50% off your next order!

Catalyst Game Labs is going to PAX Prime and they've got a whole bunch of things planned.

PAX Attendees Can Go Hands-On with MechWarrior Tactics and MechWarrior Online and Secure Limited Edition Posters At the Catalyst Games Booth
Catalyst Game Labs & Harebrained Schemes are going to be attending Pax Prime for the first time and they'd love it if you could stop by and say, "Hi."

Catalyst Game Labs is attending Pax Prime for the first time! Come check out all the latest releases for BattleTech, Shadowrun, Cosmic Patrol and yes, Leviathans will be there and on sale! We’ll have other board and card games for sale, such as Balance of Power, as well as showing off additional games coming down the pipeline, such as the successful Kickstarter tile laying game, The Duke.


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