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Paulson Games

As I mentioned earlier in the day, a lot of companies are joining in on the "Halloween Sale" kick. Hey, it's a great time to stock up on models for the coming winter. Well, Paulson Games is having just such a sale over in their webshop now. So if you want to pick up some great mech pieces, now's a good time.
Hey everyone. The week's half-over (for you Monday-thru-Friday types, anyway). We've got another set of shorter stories we've collected together.

In this batch we have: over a dozen new releases from Paulson Games, a new terrain/bits company Cathedral Arcanum, Warlord Games previews Portuguese Infantry for Black Powder, Mosaic Maps modular map system launches, new Franco-Prussian range from Steve Barber Models, Oddzial Osmy’s January Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, New Idlecurse Caves from Heroic Maps, Tabletop-Art Previews ScrapSteel Bases, Skirmish Sangin release new free scenario, Sally 4th releases Fothrington Hall Terra-Block set with photo-realistic textures, and New Nuclear Rascals from Brother Vinni.

Paulson Games posted up some new photos of the Blackfrost Cougar they've been working on for Mecha Front.


Paulson Games is showing off the prototype versions of some 6mm mechs they got in, testing out how they'll look from their Kickstarter campaign.

6mm mechs


From the post:

The test pieces for several of the 6mm mechs arrived yesterday and I assembled a squad of each. After reviewing everything I sent in my order confirmation to the spin caster and I should have the production models arriving within a couple of weeks.

Here's how they came out, I didn't spend a lot of time working on them basically they each got a quick assembly and a bath in some soap water to remove some of the casting residue. It's difficult to see details on the raw metal color and I will try and take some pictures of these with a coat of prime in the next week.
Paulson Games has posted another rounds of WIP renders for the Cougar mech they're working on.



From the update:

Current state of the Cougar, it's 98% done. It was actually complete on Monday and I was in the middle of cutting the model apart for printing however due to crappy weather the power cut out for a second and I lost about 5 hours of work, ugh.

I know that I should be saving much more often but I tend to forget about it when I'm in a groove. I'll need to touch up a few small areas around the leg and hip servos and it'll be good to send in for printing.

As always feedback is welcome.

Paulson Games has posted up some photos of the production run metal minis from their Kickstarter campaign.

Production Metal


From the post:

Here is one of the production casts. It's in it's raw form, nothing has been scraped or filed. It had the sprue attachments removed and was glued together in under 5 minutes.

My camera has a very hard time with metallic surfaces while close up in macro mode so it appears gritty, despite how it appears in the photo the surface is quite smooth.
Paulson Games is showing off the Lynx, their new medium mech for MechaFront. I'm hoping to get one soon.


From the post:

And people thought the last one was big....

The Lynx parts are in and looking absolutely beautiful. I'll be molding these up ASAP and with luck the first batches may start shipping out as early as next Fri.

(once I get the pre-orders taken care of I'll have these listed on the website in about two weeks)

More pictures are posted in the gallery.

Paulson Games announced the closing of their website a couple weeks ago in order to focus on Mecha Front. Well, people were sad they were going to miss out on the bits they used to order. So Paulson has teamed up with Mad Robot Miniatures to still bring you those bits.
Gamers are still responsible for finding their own kibbles, however.


From the announcement:

Over the last two weeks I've gotten quite a few emails about how my bits line will be missed and asking if there is any way to keep them in production. I've always appreciated the fact that so many people get enjoyment from my products and the support you have shown over the years has been great. I haven't wanted that to end, unfortunately I don't have the time available to keep the bits line going. However I did explore several options and after much discussion I've decided to allow Steve from Mad Robot Miniatures to take over my range of products under a license agreement.
Paulson Games will be closing up shop in order to focus more on the creation of Mecha Front.


From the announcement:

The Paulson Games website will be closing on Jan 25th. This will be permanent.

The main factor in this decision is that I re-enrolled in college and I won't have the time and resources to keep up with the production work for my bits line. What work I do plan on doing will be focused on the Mecha Front models and rules.
Paulson Games is taking down names of those of you gamers out there that would like one of their new NorAm Lynx mechas as soon as they're available.


From the announcement:

Jon at Paulson Games launched his pre-order for the new Mecha Front NorAm Lynx medium mecha. Standing 75mm tall and costing a special introductory price of $30 (reduced from a regular price of $35) the initial run is limited to 25 pieces, so order now while you still can!

Paulson Games posted up some new concept art for a new style of mech they're thinking of working on and they're looking for your feedback.


From the preview:

A concept I was toying around with. Has inspiration elements from Shoji Kawamori's art (macross/gundam) and XCom's Mectoid. If I make a model for it'd be sized around 55-60mm so it'd be roughly on par with Infinity TAG suits. Working name for these would be R.O.I. Remote Operated Infantry "Roys" for slang.

Still on the fence with the design so I thought I'd toss it out there and see what you guys think.

Paulson Games is a relatively new company that makes resin bits, but now they've started to expand their repertoire into minis games.

Mechs have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. The first computer game I really got into was Mechwarrior 2. I played that game even after it was cool to do so. I only stopped playing because (after what felt like a century of waiting) Mechwarrior 3 came out. So any game involving mechs already has my attention. So when I started seeing previews and initial concepts for Mecha Front from Paulson Games, I knew it was one I would be following along as it developed.

Then I found out that one of my coworkers was the brother of the guy behind Paulson Games. It was looking like everything was coming up Polar_Bear! So I've gotten a hold of a Neo Bloc Goshawk kit and two NorAm Raptors (the Beta and Gamma loadouts) and wanted to let you know my thoughts on them.

So without further ado, I give you a review of Mecha Front NorAm Raptor and Neo Bloc Goshawk kits.

Paulson Games is having a Halloween sale over on their website.
Expect a review of some of their minis later this week or early next.


From the post:

Halloween is coming and what better way to celebrate than to dress up your models with some new parts?
Everything is 20% off. Prices are so good they're scary!

When you are checking out enter: sale in the discount code box and it will take 20% off your order.
The sale pricing is for everything on the site including Mecha Front models.

Paulson Games is showing off the colored preview artwork for the Tiger Quad Mecha for MechaFront.

From the preview:

Color art for the Neo-Bloc Tiger Quad Mecha

Paulson Games shows off another preview art piece with a look at the NorAm Wolverine Heavy Mecha for Mecha Front.

From the preview:

NorAm Heavy Mecha - Wolverine
Artwork for the NorAm Wolverine heavy mecha.

Paulson Games is showing off the 3D render for another mech for Mecha Front, the Blackfrost Medium.

From the preview:

Here's your Monday update. Blackfrost Meduin mech.

(currently unnamed)

Paulson Games is showing off the first shots of the resin version of their new mecha miniature.

From the preview:

Pictures of models in resin. Photos were taken on my cell phone so please excuse the lower quality.

Paulson Games is showing off some more 3D renders for Mecha Front. Go check 'em out.

Paulson Games has announced that they're going to be running a Kickstarter for Mecha Front starting soon. Also, they'll be at Adepticon running demos for those that are there.

From the announcement:

In preparation for the launch of the Mecha Front Kickstarter Paulson Games is previewing this artwork. There will be a formal annoucnement on April 22nd regarding the plans for the Mecha Front Kickstarter.

For those of you attending Adepticon this weekend make sure to come by the demo area in the evening and get an early preview of the gameplay.

Paulson Games gives you some more variety in your tabletop terrain with some new near-future pieces.

From the release:

Paulson Games has released several 28mm terrain pieces for use with modern and near future sci fi games.

Paulson Games put up a 3D render of their upcoming shoulder-mounted beam cannon. They say it'll be ready by August.

From the website:

Shoulder mounted Beam Cannon, just about ready to head to the printer. Should hit the store end beginning of August.

Any last minute suggestions?