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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has been winding down for a little bit over at Paizo. But just like FFG is finishing up the Legend of the Five Rings game with a big splash, so will Paizo. They'll b
Yes, the folks at Paizo already know it's quite a name for an adventure considering all the stuff that's gone on this year. The sets were in development long before anyone knew what 2020 was going to
With the new Pathfinder Adventure Card Game releases, there are those that would want to add them to their Adventure Card Society decks. As such, Paizo is here to help. They've added cards from the Co
There's a lot of iconic characters in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game from Paizo. They've been running an article series about some of them over on their website. Their latest one is up and it's ab
You know, when you name your game Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and you have Adventures in it, you're bound to get redundant-sounding headlines like that. Anyway, Paizo's giving you a look at another
Dized is a great app where you can look at various rules for games with cross-referencing and help with setup and all that. Paizo is happy to announce that their Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is now