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It's Hispanic Heritage month and Paizo is celebrating by asking people to come up with magic weapons based on their Hispanic ancestry and culture. They've posted up these new items for all to enjoy no
"But I already have Kingmaker" you say. And yes, you may have the first edition, but what about the second edition? And what's more, this book is more than just the Pathfinder version. There's also th
Metal Polyhedral Dice Set
This is... surprising a small release month for Paizo. They've sometimes had more than a dozen things. This time, they've only got 5. But still, it's a bit for everyone. Pathfinder, Starfinder, maps,
WizKids doesn't just have one or two new sets coming out for Pathfinder Battles. No, they've got 6, including <weewoo weewoo weewoo> a giant dragon. Head through and check out all the Impossible
There's thousands of different monsters from the various Asian cultures. That seems like a great place to find things to throw at your players in Pathfinder and D&D. And so, that's what Legendary
Paizo has posted up their new releases for Pathfinder and Starfinder. Like most months, there's a whole ton of stuff. So, if you play either of those games, it behooves you to go check out the new sta
Yeah. I gotta admit. I am expecting previews for still within this year or maybe January and February of 2023. But nope. Paizo is giving us a much deeper look to let us know what they plan on releasin
Gaming = awesome. Saving money = awesome. Giving to charity = awesome. Add them together and you've got Awesome^3. And that's what Paizo's got for you now with their Pathfinder: Strength of Thousands
Oh, hey... it's Thursday. It's been a quick week, at least for me. Of course, and as always, not a complaint. Ready for that weekend coming up. Not sure what I'll be up to, but it'll hopefully be tast
There's a lot of great content for both Pathfinder and Starfinder as part of the Infinite program. And Paizo is looking to feature these creators and get its players some new stuff for their games. Th
Legendary Games is looking to bring your combat classes in D&D and Pathfinder up to another level. They've created Legendary Classes: Sword and Fist and Battlemasters & Berserkers, a pair of s
It's the first day of Gen Con... and I'm not in Indy... *sad bear noises* Oh well. Those that are up at the ICC can head over to the Paizo booth and pick up some new releases for Pathfinder and Starfi
Y'know, even when a company has a "big release," it's usually like 5-6 things. Paizo regularly has 7-12 new things available when they have their releases. And this month is now different. Pathfinder
Battlezoo Eldamon lets you bring mystic Eldamon into your D&D and Pathfinder games. What are Eldamon? They're mystical creatures that you can befriend, train, battle, and evolve... Sound familiar?
The party gets to a town. What's the name of the tavern? The local shop? What's the name of the shopkeeper? Their wife? Their 15 kids? How about that cat on the street corner? If you've had trouble co
Gen Con's in just a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I won't be there, but Paizo will be. They've got a little preview of what they'll be having at the show, as well as an update about some online events
Steven Jackson Games is bringing one of their classic titles back to the tabletop with an all-new look and a partnership with Paizo. Revolution is coming in the form of Pathfinder Revolution. You can
Paizo offers various subscription services. They're a great way to make sure you don't miss out on all the various releases that they have. Recently, they've made some rather big changes to the variou
Paizo's usually got a lot of irons in the fire when it comes to Pathfinder and Starfinder releases. How do we know? They tell us about 'em and give us a look at what they're working on. Check out some
Paizo generally has pretty big releases near the end of the month and June's no different. Both Pathfinder and Starfinder have quite a lot going on. And since there's some new maps, it's serving as to
Whenever Paizo comes out with a new Adventure Path, they like to spice things up with a Player's Guide, letting your characters immerse themselves in the setting and theme more than just with the regu
The folks over at Pinnacle Entertainment Group are bringing you more content for their Pathfinder for Savage Worlds line. They've got both Curse of the Crimson Throne as well as The Advanced Player's
With the billion things I've had going on lately, I totally forgot that Free RPG Day is coming up this weekend! Thankfully, Paizo gave me a kindly reminder as they're previewing their stuff they have
A new year of the Pathfinder Society is nearly upon us and Paizo is here to announce it along with a little look-see into what you can be expecting this year.
Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons are often seen as rival systems. But that doesn't mean they can't work together occasionally. Paizo has announced that their Abomination Vaults Adventure Path is