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Path of the Serpent

Snakes! Why'd it have to be snakes!? Well, because they're cool, and there's plenty of myths and legends surrounding them. The Investigators in Mansions of Madness: Path of the Serpent will certainly come across a few during their exploration. But being prepared is important. So, what will they be coming across? That's what we get a look at in this preview of the scenario from the upcoming expansion.

While the game may be called Mansions of Madness, those mansions aren't always in New England somewhere. In Path of the Serpent, the new expansion announced by Fantasy Flight, the investigators will be making their way to the Amazonian rainforest, braving biting insects, ancient curses and traps, and huge snakes (as one would expect from the expansion's name). There's new tiles, new investigators, new monsters, and just a lot of new everything for you to check out.