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Part-Time Gods

The trials and trappings of modern, everyday life is tough enough. Work, rent, balancing social time. It's not easy. Throw in having to deal with the trials and trappings of being a god, too, and it c
Have you ever felt that there must be something more to life? Like there was something more meant for you? That you were part god? Well, that's the world of Part-Time Gods. Do you still flip burgers o
I've known a lot of people who have acted as though they thought they were part-god. ... Trust me, it's never the greatest thing to deal with. However, what if you really were partly divine? Would you
Part-Time Gods, the RPG by Third Eye Games, is taking fate in its hands and coming to the Fate gaming system. There's a Kickstarter campaign up and running now in order to make this possible. And barr