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YayforFriday! That means group lunch here at the office. We did Indian last week. Not sure what we'll do this week yet. But when this posts, assume I'm eating yummy things.Speaking of bites, we've got
Pardulon Models adds some firepower to the table with their new gun platform, available in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:We've just released a multi-part kit of an autonomous area defense syste
Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set
Pardulon Models has their new website up and running. Go take a look.SourceFrom the launch:We're proud to announce our all-new website, including new galleries, a quantity discount, and a host of feat
Pardulon Models knows sometimes your little mans don't want cable anymore and so have supplied them with a new satellite dish terrain piece so they can get all the premium channels.SourceFrom the rele
Pardulon has 3 new sets of 28mm civilian models available over in their webstore.From the release:We have just released three sets of 28 mm civilians suitable for Chinese of other eastern settings. Al
Pardulon has new Scrap Walls terrain pieces available over in their webshop.From the release:Various pieces of scrap metal, pipes and other disused items stacked head high. Perfectly suitable for any
Pardulon helps accentuate your terrain pieces with their new Empty Baskets.From the release:We have just released a set of individual baskets which can be used for market stalls of almost any period,
Pardulon helps accentuate your terrain projects with some more interior sets: Pipes and Switches.From the release:We have just released two interior detail sets: pipes and switch boxes. Both sets can
Pardulon Models has some new accent pieces for you terrain-makers with some new interior doors and worn-out mattresses.From the announcement:We've just released a few things from our current project.
Pardulon pretties up your table with some new 28mm Industrial Terrain available on their website.From the release:We have just released two more modular industrial kits: pump and pump station. Both ki
Pardulon Models has released a new 28mm heavy tank.Harrison Ford and Sean Connery models sold elsewhere and separately.From the release:Armed with one cannon in the turret, two in the sponsons and two
Pardulon has some new windows available for shedding some light into your mini buildings.From the release:We have just released a couple of window sets, suitable for civil building projects as well as
Pardulon helps your minis keep cool in their bunkers with their new window AC unit building accessories.From the release:These are commonly seen on the outside of buildings in climates where simply op
Pardulon Models gives your tables some more detail with the release of their new Post-Apoc Arms Dealer terrain pieces.From the release:Every post-apocalyptic settlements needs an Arms Dealer, catering
Pardulon Models has new scratchbuilding detail pieces to help ornament your modeling projects.From the update:We have just added a new category to our shop: Scratchbuilding! For starters, there are tw
Pardulon has some new modular tanks (the terrain variety) available up on their website. Decorate your battlefield. Stop using your little sister's stuffed animals for terrain.From the release:We've j
Pardulon Models knows your mini-soldiers want to keep what's outside out and what's inside in, especially when it comes to explosions, so they've got new blast walls available on their website.From th
Pardulon Models has some new billboard terrain pieces available on their website.From them to you:We have just released a 28 mm billboard, perfect for either urban or rural settings. Billboards such a
Pardulon Models has a pair of new offerings for us, their new bulkhead and alien plants.From them to you:A set of alien plants and a bulkhead have just been released.
Pardulon helps bring a "Mad Max" feel to your table with their new Shanties terrain pieces.From the release:We've just released two more kits for our 28 mm Shanties range, introducing a new roof optio
Pardulon has two new resin terrain pieces to spice up your sci-fi table.From the release:We've just added two freight containers for near future or sci-fi games.
Pardulon Models have new post-apocalyptic buildings.From their announcement:We have just added two more buildings to our new line of post-apocalyptic shanties. The shacks are highly modular and can be
Pardulon have released a new set of 28mm Ammo boxes. From their website: Set of eight small ammo boxes. Come unpainted and without miniatures and other items.
Pardulon have added the 28mm Kröte vehicle kit to their online store. From their website: All-Terrain Tractor "Kröte" 7-part resin kit, consists of the car body, bumper, undercarriage and four tire
Pardulon have released two new packs of 28mm terrain accessories. From their website: And some more small stuff: a set of jerrycans and a set of larger wheels, suitable for large trucks or tracked