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Panzerfoust Miniatures

Well... that was a bit of an adventure.
For those interested in keeping track, Monday I noticed my car had a coolant leak. Tuesday I took it into the shop. They originally said, "it'll just be a couple hours." Then they said, "it'll be overnight (they needed a part)." So, seeing as I was clear on the other side of town, I crashed at a friend's place (as a 50mi walk home didn't sound fun), picked up my car this morning, and am now back into the office. Hooray!

You know what I could use? A snack. Or at least some snack-sized gaming stories.

Hey! Look what we've got here!

In today's Snippets we have: Collins Epic Wargames introduces Milestone Rewards for Polyversal, Cast Metal Gaming Dice on Kickstarter, FatMan Productions Posts New Previews For Awakening Recon, Frostgrave Fan Base Launched, Blacksmith Miniatures release: the apothecary, Photos from Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse 2016, Malifaux translated to Italian, The Circle of Chaos Kickstarter Going On Now, Shipping Update from Nexus Miniatures, Titan-Forge releases new Void Cannon, Last Couple of Days for Era: The Consortium Kickstarter, and Coming on 13th Feb - Era: Lyres Pocket Edition - a £1 Tabletop RPG.

Panzerfoust Miniatures is showing off the color selection for their upcoming set of acrylic paints.
It's just color patches for now, though. Actual mini previews coming later.



From the preview:

We would like to share with you all a sneak peak at our upcoming Acrylic Paint range.
We are looking to add to this range frequently, adding sets and simplifying triads etc.
We are always open to positive feedback, we take on board all suggestions and advice!

We hope you like and sign up! we may even run a 35% off offer for until the new year!

Panzerfoust Miniatures is getting close to 500 likes in Facebook. To help entice you to follow their page, they're giving away free paint.

Panzerfoust Giveaway