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Paizo's headed to the land down under in September for PaizoCon South Pacific 2022. For those that can't generally make it up here to all the northern hemisphere shows, you might be able to make it to
Want to head to PaizoCon? You can get your tickets now. Can't make it out to their location but still want to go? Then you can get your tickets for PaizoCon Online as well. Both are available now.
PaizoCon 2022 is going to be a hybrid occasion with both in-person and online components. So, how's it coming along? Well, we get an update on exactly that here from Paizo.
We just found out about PaizoCon coming soon. But that's not the only event that they're going to be at. And to make all of them actually work, there's a need for volunteers. And that's what Paizo is
Shows are becoming a thing again this year, it seems. If you're ready to head out and see some of your friends and get some gaming on, they'll certainly be a place to do it. And Paizo is here to annou
Thought that Paizo was done posting videos from PaizoCon? Ha! The weekend was only a few days long, but Paizo's got apparently years worth of material from it. Here's another collection of videos for
PaizoCon was a super-busy weekend filled with all manner of special events and insights into what Paizo's working on. That included a lot of interview videos. Head over to their website and check out
Paizo had a great event in PaizoCon. During the weekend, they had a pair of new adventures available. Want to check them out? Maybe even get a deeper look with some playthroughs? This is the post for
With PaizoCon happening this weekend, Paizo is also running themselves a special sale over on their website. You can save some money on pretty much everything they've got available. Save yourself some
Today's the first day of PaizoCon Online. Want to know what's happening when? Well, Paizo's posted up a handy schedule of events. Just be online at the right time and in the right URL and you're ready
PaizoCon might be this weekend, but there's more PaizoCons just around the corner. They're having one specifically for both Europe and the South Pacific. In this post, we get a bit more of a look at t
Being held online means that literally everyone with an internet connection can attend PaizoCon. And Paizo certainly has plenty of things planned, including a full raft of Twitch events. Want to make
As part of the upcoming PaizoCon Online event, they will be making a new monster. And they want your help in figuring out just what this monster will be. They've put up a survey asking for your input.
Want to get in on the online gaming action that is PaizoCon Online? Well, then you'll want to head over and get your name on the list for a badge as well as sign up for some amazing online gaming expe
While pandemic situations are starting to reduce in some places in the world, there's still many restrictions out there. And playing online is simply a great way to get games in with people who aren't
The next PaizoCon is coming soon. They're getting to be old hat at this, which is nice. If you're wanting to join in, you may be wondering just what there will be to do during the show. That's where t
Shots are getting into arms, but we're not ready yet to get back into huge groups for conventions (and there's the other question of whether huge conventions will ever really be a thing again anywhere
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With the pandemic still very much a thing, conventions of all types aren't exactly ready to go back to being in-person. However, this does mean you can go to that panel you want from the comfort of yo
PaizoCon Online is happening this week. Every day, the company is featuring some more awesome previews and insight into their various product lines. This time around, they're taking a look at the far-
PaizoCon Online is happening this week. As expected, they're showing off some new stuff pretty much every day. This time around, they're looking into the Kingmaker Adventure Path for Pathfinder. Want
Paizo's PaizoCon Online 2020 is coming soon. They've got about a billion things going on, including a ton of things on their Twitch Channel. One would need some sort of guide to keep track of it all.
PaizoCon Online is coming up soon. The company's posted up a page with a whole bunch of resources for you, including where you can sign up for events (and when those goes live), a link to a Discord se
So, we really shouldn't be congregating in large crowds right now. But, thanks to the internet and whatever dice you're reading this story on right now, we can still be together even when we're far ap
This is almost the exact opposite of most of the event posts I've been making lately. Paizo has announced that they will be running Paizocon Francia in August. If you're in the region, you might just