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Paizo is looking to help you expand your character's options with their Lost Omens Ancestry Guide for Pathfinder, giving players more ways to have their characters reflect the various races that exist
Paizo's previews often take on creative items that you can add to your games right away. In this preview of the upcoming Starfinder Alien Character Cards, they've created a new gnoll NPC that you can
Paizo has posted up the results of the recent playtest for the various mechanics coming in Pathfinder: Guts & Gears. Want to see how the Inventor and Gunslinger did and what people thought? Head o
More strange creatures will be hitting tabletops soon as Paizo and WizKids release their Starfinder Battles: Planets of Peril set of minis. Paizo's got another preview for you, giving you a look at so
Paizo continues their tradition of giving you free content for their games with another look at the ancestries coming in the Lost Omens Ancestry Guide for Pathfinder. They've posted up a new NPC using
arcanepretzel 3 days ago
That's a crocodile beastkin? That's not what I was guessing while looking at the picture.
Why can't you have a gnoll on your starship crew? Why can't you get to a planet full of kobolds? What if you want to search the stars for a kitsune? Well, Paizo is here to answer all of those with, "S
PPPPPP. What a headline. Anyway, Paizo and WizKids are coming out with new Starfinder minis next month. Look, there's an armored bear carrying a giant hammer! Instantly love the set. 10/10.
With the pandemic still very much a thing, conventions of all types aren't exactly ready to go back to being in-person. However, this does mean you can go to that panel you want from the comfort of yo
Paizo loves to put out free content for their games. In this instance, it's a new NPC for your Pathfinder sessions. This latest batch of upcoming NPCs will utilize some of the previously-unseen ancest
With so many products coming out that work with Starfinder and Pathfinder, it can be tough to keep up. Thankfully, Paizo's here to help. Here's the latest list of new releases.
If you're going to be heading into space and having thrilling dogfights out there, you should have appropriate minis for it. So, with that, Paizo has announced a new set of Starfinder minis in partner
One thing about sci-fi games is that they often let you fly around in your sleek space ships, zooming through the atmosphere. And that's what you'll be doing in the False Flags Over Castrovel encounte
WizKids and Paizo has brought you a ton of pre-painted Pathfinder miniatures in the past. But what if you play Starfinder? Well, you're in luck, as Paizo and WizKids are teaming up to bring those to y
While I'm a fan of having an actual book in-hand, I also greatly appreciate having digital versions of books. I use pdf rulebooks all the time. And Paizo is looking to digitize some of their back cata
Pathfinder Arena will bring the thrill of Pathfinder to your tabletops in a new way, as a board game. And Paizo wants your help in deciding what characters to put in it. So, they've launched a communi
The first month of the year is almost over. It feels like it's been a year already, but it's only been 28 days. You might not know of all the releases that Paizo's got lined up. Well, they've put them
Paizo loves to give you free content for its games. This time around, they're continuing their look at characters from the The Shroud of Four Silences novella when they give you the stats to add Lisav
Gaming is good. Helping others is good. Gaming while helping others is awesome. And that's what Jasper's Game Day does. It's gaming while raising money for Suicide Crisis Centers to make sure that you
Paizo has fresh content for their organized play programs each month. Of course, since you don't -have- to use it in an organized play setting if you don't want, it's really just free content that you
Paizo loves to give you free content for their games. This includes character stats for characters seen in their various fluff pieces. The novella, The Shroud of Four Silences, has come to a close, an
With the systems for both Pathfinder and Starfinder being open source, anyone out there is able to make content for them. It can be hard to keep up with all of them, so Paizo has started collecting th
Some gamers prefer certain gaming systems. Others prefer certain gaming worlds. Well, if you're a fan of the Savage Worlds system but want to play in the Pathfinder setting, you're in luck as Pinnacle
Paizo loves to give you free content for Pathfinder, especially their Adventure Paths. They've posted up a Player's Guide for the Abomination Vaults path so, if you're playing in it, you can get some
Paizo loves to post up free Pathfinder content on their website and send it out in their emails. One thing they've been sending out is the Shroud of the Four Silences novella. Well, they've got a new
While we've not been gaming in person for a while, I've still been collecting minis for when that time comes again. I'm a huge fan of having the right figure for the job when it comes to the tabletop,