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Painting Buddha

Painting Buddha has launched their first ever crowdfunding campaign for their new "Painting Buddha Shares" line of minis. The first is the 75mm Black Betty (bam ba-lam). They're getting rather close to their goal already, with still 25 days left to go. If they make it all the way to "level 10" of their stretch goals, they'll come out with a 32mm version as well.


From the campaign:
Painting Buddha is previewing their new Masterclass video. This one's with Kirill "Yellow One" Kanaev.


From the announcement:

On its 2nd anniversary Painting Buddha proudly presents a new series of master-class videos titled 'Painting Buddha Legends'.

And it is their pleasure and privilege to introduce a truly legendary painter, Kirill "Yellow One" Kanaev, to you.
Painting Buddha has a new goblin bust for per-order over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Welcome to the world of Randalf Streisand and the Skypirates from almost outer space!

Celebrating its second anniversary, Painting Buddha is ready - and very excited - to announce SEASON 2. And in the 'Year of the Pirate' they begin Season 2 with the release of a beautiful bust of the not-yet-quite-world-famous Goblin mechanic "Randalf Streisand".

Painting busts has become very popular over the last couple of years - and for a good reason: because it's fun!
Painting Buddha has decided to auction off some of their painted-up minis. And they're going Dutch.


From them to you:

And now for something completely different:

Painting Buddha introduces 'Dutch Auctions' for collectors!

We have decided to auction off all of the finished miniature projects we are painting for the Painting Buddha Academy using a 'Dutch Auction' style: Every hour the price will drop by 2%!

Unlike Ebay, Dutch Auctions are quite simple, really:
There can only be one! One bid. One winner. Auction ends.

The first master piece we auction is HORUS the Warmaster from Forge World. Painted by quadruple-slayer-sword winners Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own this spectacular miniature.

Painting Buddha gives us reports from both the Scale Model Challenge and Warhammer Fest over on their blog.


From the website:

This time Painting Buddha does not want to introduce you to a new product or video. As part of our mission to grow our beautiful hobby, we travel to and report from miniature events all over the globe - and this weekend was a whopper!

Check out our two reports from last weekend's top events

Painting Buddha continues to elevate the level of your colorful goop application skill with their next set of videos.



From the announcement:

Since the start of the Painting Buddha Academy not even 7 weeks ago, Painting Buddha has already released 8 masterclass miniature painting videos for their 'Academy'.

Part 4 and 5 of "Episode II - Horus" introduce the students to painting Horus' red cape (with free-hands) and to painting fur on Horus' wolf pelt.

What's even better, is that Painting Buddha just hit the first of seven 'stretch-goals' in what they call 'Operation Pressure Drop' - an initiative to make masterclass miniature painting videos even more affordable.
Painting Buddha helps you become the best painter you can be with the release of their Horus Masterclass Video.



From the release:

Painting Buddha continues to publish free masterclass videos in their Painting Buddha Community College on YouTube.

The promise to deliver 14 masterclass episodes at three parts each - to deliver a total of 42 free videos - was broken in the second Episode already.
Painting Buddha is opening up an Online Academy to help you all be the greatest painters you can be.



From the announcement:

Painting Buddha, producer of some of the best miniature painting instruction videos out there, just launched two new projects!

You want 42 videos, spread over 42 weeks, totalling over 100 hours of competition level painting instructions for free?
Painting Buddha has posted up a starter painting video up free online. They're going to be making a series out of it, so be sure to subscribe.



From the announcement:

After one year of Painting Buddha DVDs and unparalleled support from the community, Painting Buddha is entering 'Phase 2' of their plans for the miniature painting and gaming community.

A small sneak-peak of the things to come is a FREE competition-level Painting instruction for a Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Ork Burna Boy, painted by tripple Slayer Sword winner Ben Komets.

To the question whether there would be more free videos like this, the answer was "If you SHARE & ENJOY them, they will come!"

Next week, Painting Buddha will reveal more details on this initiative. "Be a better painter", follow us on Facebook!

Painting Buddha gives us a look at their next tutorial dvd, letting us know what'll be covered.
Get it? ... Covered? ... because it's paint... and... nevermind...



From the post:

Basing Alchemy: NEXT?

Following 'Season 1.3 - Basing Alchemy 1: Earth', a miniature painting and modelling DVD focusing on how to create beautiful Earth-themed gaming and show-case bases, Painting Buddha is now working on the next Element.

This time the miniature painting community gets to decide what element of the Basing Alchemy will be covered next: Water, Fire or Air.

On their website, Painting Buddha has launched a community poll to decide.

The new DVD set will be released later this year.

Painting Buddha has updated their website and store and so has been reborn, as a Buddhist would do, into a form closer to Nirvana.



From the announcement:

Painting Buddha is dead.

Their shop is dead.
Their blog is dead.


OK, truth be told, Painting Buddha is not dead at all! In fact they are doing just fine.

But exactly one year after their release of their infamous 'Season 1.1 - Target Identified' a lot has changed: New Shop, new blog - just MOAR.

In celebration of their opening of the new shlog, Painting Buddha has put up the last 42 of each of the long-sold-out bundles, the 135€ 'Mega-Box' and the 84€ 'Supporter Box'.

Once these are gone, it is the End of Season 1.1 - it will not be re-released. This is the proverbial it.

"Season 1.2 - Freehands and Banners" as well as "Season 1.3 - Basing Alchemy 1: Earth" are also out now! 5 DVDs by the winner of 7 combined Slayer Swords and countless international awards: Stephan "Derwish" Rath, Ben "White Rabbit" Komets and Matt Cexwish .

MasterMinis has started taking pre-orders for Painting Buddha Season 1.2 and 1.3 over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Painting Buddha releases their new DVD sets 'Season 1.2 - Freehands and Banners' and 'Season 1.3 - Base Alchemy Volume 1: Earth' next week.

All pre-orders before July 6th will receive free goodies (Collector Edition Miniature & more, see link) on top of a discounted 'early beard' special retail price!

The miniature painting and gaming community awarded Painting Buddha the Wamp "Best New Company 2013" award for their Season 1.1 DVD set 'Target Identified'.

Be a better painter!