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Overworld Games

The Zorro Dice Game.

It's all pretty self-explanatory right in the title, isn't it? Roll dice, gather iconic equipment of the masked swashbuckler, defend the defenseless people of the village, and duel the evil boss behind it all.

Yup, I think that covers it, except for that the game is up now on Kickstarter.


Mythical swashbuckling hero Zorro is getting to old for this stuff. He's looking to retire. However, he's not going to leave the poor unprotected from harm. He's looking to find a replacement. But only one will be good enough to take up the mask. Will it be you? That's what you'll be looking to find out in The Zorro Dice Game, coming soon to Kickstarter from Overworld Games.


Campaigns don't always pan out the first time around. That's fine. It's no reason to give up hope forever. Just look at Overworld Games and their campaign for New Salem 2nd edition. Their original campaign didn't make it. But their second try is up on Kickstarter now and they're already over their goal.

Two weeks!
Ok, it might actually be a little bit longer than that before the Total Recall board game hits Kickstarter, but the folks over at Overworld Games still figure you'd like to know about it. Is it really happening? Is it just a dream? What is real? What isn't? That's up to you to decide.
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In a dystopian future, people are struggling for control. Two rival factions have grown up and are looking to defeat the other. The only path to winning lay in defeating the leader of the enemy faction. But nobody's entirely sure who is in charge. The leaders are kept hidden, blending in with their followers. That doesn't mean that there aren't assassination attempts, of course. However, attacking the wrong person isn't going to help. For a new faction of the disenfranchised (aka - those that have been attacked) is also looking to gain control, and they're more than happy to swell their numbers with those that have been taken out of the other factions. That's the story behind Leaders of Euphoria, a new board game up on Kickstarter.