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Get your team together and hit the pitch. The screaming fans won't wait. OverDrive's inaugural season has started now. This new sci-fi sports game is available from Mantic as well as down at your FLGS
I don't know too many sports where you can ride a cybernetic lion-thing into battle, but apparently, you can in OverDrive. Meet Tigrax, one of the new players coming to the game from Mantic. Will he b
OverDrive is Mantic's new fantasy sports game set in a sci-fi world. It's slated to hit later this month, and they've got a new scouting report up for you for a new player. This time, it's Shadow.
The OverDrive arena is calling to you. Coaches are assembling teams and setting up practice sessions. Soon, it'll be time to hit the arena floor. But right now, the scouts are out, looking over possib