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Otherworld Miniatures

Otherworld Miniatures is celebrating 8 years of business. They all grow up so fast. They're having a special in their webshop.SourceFrom the birthday company:At the end of September 2006, I took deliv
Otherworld Miniatures has new NPC models available over in their webshop.InnkeeperInnkeeper's WifeOld CroneServing Wench IServing Wench IIStable BoySource
Otherworld Miniatures is having themselves a birthday, but you get the presents in the form of a sale on their minis.SourceFrom the birthday invitation:Over the next few weeks, Otherworld Miniatures w
Otherworld Miniatures has gotten their minimum funding over on Indiegogo already for their Dungeon Adventurers, so now it's stretch goals for the next 27 days!From the campaign:Since 2006, Otherworld
Otherworld Miniatures has two more releases for you guys. They've got a new cloud giant and they've got some giant boars.
Otherworld Miniatures previews their pig-faced Orc Boar-riders patrol over on their website. They'll be available later this month.From the release:This is a pack of all 4 of the new additions to the
Otherworld Miniatures previews a new Lich model.From their announcement:This model is a single-piece casting, sculpted by Paul Muller, and supplied with a 30mm round base. A second variant will be pro
Otherworld Miniatures has a bunch of new releases up on their website. Evil acolytes and skeletons, oh my!From their release:This is a trio of variant ME2 models, sculpted and converted by Kev Adams.
Otherworld Miniatures will soon be celebrating their fifth anniversary. From their announcement: Next month marks the 5th Anniversary of Otherworld Miniatures, and to celebrate I'll be running a se
Otherworld Miniatures is having an Early Summer Sale. From their announcement: Well, it's that time of year again, and I can't pretend that business has exactly been booming in recent weeks! So, I'
Otherworld Miniatures have posted painted examples of the 28mm Eye of Terror miniature as well as the 28mm Eye of the Deep conversion kit.
Otherworld Miniatures have updated their Coming Soon page with details and photos of several upcoming new figures including a Drow Warrior and an Ogre Mage. The have also added the first release in t
Otherworld Miniatures have updated their Coming Soon page with a work-in-progress photo of the greens for their second set of 28mm fantasy Lizardmen figures. From their website: WE5b - Lizardman Wa