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Many WWII games just tell you what sort of equipment was used in a battle and off you go. However, Ostfront's Shipyard actually lets you construct different ships to take into combat. Using the special construction rules, you can create your own fleet from scratch and set sail for the high seas. You can get your copy now.

Sometimes, all your gaming buddies are busy. Or you're stuck at home because of something and you can't get out to game. Whatever the reason, you're alone and you want to get your game on. That's where solo games come in. And Ostfront has released Gladus Hereticus, a new solo RPG that takes you through a destroyed city, looking to make things right again.
Air combat games can be pretty complex. There's all sorts of things that can be thrown in, and as such, they can tend to be hard for new players. Air Strike does away with all that. It's so simple, the whole family can enjoy it. Hop into the cockpit of your favorite fighter aircraft and head into that dogfight. You can pick up your copy now.
I'd sort of always wanted to be a fighter pilot. My eyes have never been good enough for that sort of thing, but it was one of those dreams I had in the back of my mind as a kid. Now, certainly the potential of being a Top Gun are exceedingly slim, but I can still live vicariously through gaming. And that's where Missile Threat comes in. It's a new set of air combat rules by Ostfront that looks to accurately recreate air battles from the past 60 years. You can get your copy now (aviator glasses sold separately).
Afghanistan has a pretty long history of conflict. For around a decade, it was the Russians that were trying to go in and take over the place. It didn't turn out so well for them. But how did a technologically-superior group have such issues? Well, you can find out in Hind & Seek, a new set of rules that recreates the Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-1989. The book is available now.
The opening to WWII was quick and brutal. The Germans swept into Poland using their Blitzkrieg tactics (so called because it was "as fast as lightening"). Then, after the decisive victories there, they turned their attention towards France, heading there and conquering that country in also rather rapid form. The Fall Weiss expansion of Ostfront lets you play out those battles (though hopefully giving the Polish and French a good chance of winning, depending on how you play) on your tabletop. It's available now.
In my opinion, WWI is really what set the foundation for the rest of the 20th century. I wish it was as prevalent in popular culture as WWII is. So every time I see a new game come out based on WWI, it makes me happy, as it brings the conflict back into mind. So I'm happy that Ostfront has released Westfront, a new WWI miniatures game.
During WWII, over many battles, another battle was taking place. Planes of all sorts, from scout planes to agile fighters to bombers were fighting their own war. Lacquered Coffins lets you relive those days of close-combat dogfights with their simple set of aerial combat rules.
Ostfront Publishing is happy to announce the release of Ostfront, their combined arms WWII game rulebook. The game's designed so you can set up and play company to battalion-level games quickly and easily (and historically accurately, which any good historical wargamer wants). Bases for infantry figures count as 10-25 men (depending on the scale you pick and unit in question).

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