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Orion's Gate

The folks over at One Page Rules have been busy, little bees. They're giving you a special holiday gift with six, yes, six new sets of miniatures game rules. There's a little bit of everything. There's sci-fi fleets. There's fantasy sports. There's modern-era. There's fantasy. If you like playing with miniatures, chances are good there's a rules set you'll be interested in.

Once more we stand on the precipice of the weekend. But before we dive over, we'd best make sure we're well-stocked with gaming goodness. Good thing there's a tray of bite-sized gaming stories right here for us to nosh on. So let's dig in.

Today we have: New Web G.I.S. for tabletop RPGs, Warsong coming to a tabletop near you, One Page Rules Updates Orion's Gate, Kromlech's Weekend Deal posted, and New Dice and Decals from Forge World.

One Page Rules is mostly known for making condensed and alternate versions of other popular miniatures games in both the sci-fi and fantasy range. Well, they've got a brand new game available, and it's not a direct "our own version" of any particular system. Yes, it's a starship battle game, and you can play large scale or small scale, but it's its own thing. I'm talking about Orion's Gate.