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Origins Game Fair

Gamer Goggles sat down and had a talk with the guys from Mercs Miniatures while at the Origins Game Fair.From the chat:We had the chance to talk with the MERCS Miniatures team at Origins Game Fair 201
Play Unplugged had an interview with Paizo Publishing while at Origins. They taped it and are now showing it off for everyone to see.From the interview:Like a lithe elven ranger, Play Unplugged‘s Andr
Play Unplugged had a chat with Larry Elmore while at Origins and figured everyone would want to see what they talked about.From the interview:This post marks both Play Unplugged‘s 500th piece of gamin
Miniature Building Authority will be out at Origins this week. Stop by and say hello to Kirk. Give him a hug. Tell him I sent you.From the announcement:Be on the look out for Kirk & Jim:Kirk & Jim are
Catalyst Game Labs will be headed to the Origins Game Fair this week.From the announcement:Almost all Catalyst employees are attending the 2013 Origins Game Fair. As such, we’ll be away from our usual