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Operation Sea Lion

Operation Sea Lion saw the Germans invading Britain. The fighting soon made it so everyday citizens were suddenly on the front lines, battling the advancing army. The Germans had their own infiltrator
The German invasion of Britain not only stalled out, but the counter-attack is threatening to push them back into the sea. With the stakes high, the German High Command is launching Campaign Gigant, t
D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
It's WWII and Germany has invaded Britain. The British people are fighting back with everything they have against the occupying forces. That's what's going on in Campaign Gigant, the second book in th
The Germans have invaded England! Regular folks from all over the country are doing their best to resist their advancements at every turn. Men and women from both the city and the country, who may hav
So, the Germans have invaded Britain as part of Operation Sea Lion. However, the British put up a significant defense and have actually driven the Germans back to the sea. Now, Kent is the only place
In a way, every time we play a historical wargame, we're playing a bit of "what if?" with it. We know what happened (at least, roughly speaking) because it's history. But you can change that up and do