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Omega Protocol

Privateer Press is coming to the new month with some new releases. New figures for Monsterpocalypse, Warmachine, Riot Quest, and in the return of a game we've not seen in a long time, Level 7: Omega Protocol comes back with a new version, as well as the Extreme Prejudice expansion.

You know, we really should be trying to reduce the amount of hate and prejudice that is in the world today. Though, I guess when we're talking about space aliens invading the Earth, looking to (as Bender would often put it) kill all the humans, maybe being against them is a good thing. Either way, Level 7 : Extreme Prejudice is now available.
Privateer Press is giving you a further look inside the universe of Level 7. They have a new novel coming out that's titled Level 7: The Judas Protocol and you can get yourself one as soon as it's released by getting in on the pre-order.
"But Polar Bear. I didn't think you covered new novels coming out for a system."
I don't, really, but that's not where the story ends. There's specifically gaming-related items afoot as well.