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Ogres and Underworlds

New Realms Publishing sets off for further adventures with their Module #2, Scourge of the Scurvlings. Good with any fantasy RPG rules set, the module comes with set-up cards, monster cards, gold and
New Realms Publishing has released Realms of Light, bringing Celestial power to your Ogres & Underworlds campaigns. There's new spell cards, a new profession, and new special abilities. Wield the powe
New Realms Publishing has a new supplement book out for Ogres & Underworlds. This time it's the Realm of Darkness. Inside you'll find rules for using darkness to power your spells (I'm attacking the d
New Realms Publishing released their 5th Encyclopedia of Adventure book. This supplement brings new spells to play along with the nine new custom encounter cards. There's also new monsters. A DM can n
New Realms Publishing has released their new fantasy adventure, The Halls of Hallow Hill.SourceFrom the release:Gather your party and prepare your gear for an expedition into the depths of Hollow Hill
New Realms Publishing has released their Ogres and Underworlds primer pack.SourceFrom the announcement:Enter a new world of fantasy adventure with the Ogres and Underworlds Primer Pack! The Ogres and
New Realms Publishing preps for the spooky season with their Fantastic Races #1: Sentient Skeleton supplement for Ogres and Underworlds.SourceFrom the release:Back from the dead and bad to the bone, t
New Realms Publishing gives your PCs something to do with their new Monstrous Encounters book, now available for Ogres and Underworlds.SourceFrom the release:Add some monstrous mayhem to your games wi
New Realms Publishing gives you more options for your fantasy RP with their Ogres and Underworlds Reference Pack.SourceFrom the release:Keep all the important charts and tables for Ogres and Underworl
New Realms Publishing has posted a free Monster Sample Pack for Ogres and Underworlds. Why not go check it out?SourceFrom the release:Ogres and Underworlds Monster Sample Pack provides you with a free
New Realms Publishing gets you to sharpen your sword and grab your shield as they unleash Ogres and Underworlds.SourceFrom the release:Ogres and Underworlds is a role-playing game of backstabbing, swo