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Offensive Miniatures

Offensive Miniatures has new German artillery pieces up on their website. Check 'em out.From the update:Give your WWII German paratroops some real firepower with the new Type 42 Nebelwerfer, PAK40 ant
Offensive Miniatures shows they're b,b,b,b,bad to the bone with some new "hooligan" figures.So no, it's not Donnie and ... what's his name... and the other what's his name...But here is what Offensive
Offensive Miniatures releases new packs of 28mm metal French Napoleonic artillery from the Follow the Drum range by Offensive Miniatures:From their website:Give your French Napoleonic army some fire s
Wargames Fever will now represent Offensive Miniatures. From their Website:Wargames Fever has reached a deal with Offensive Miniatures to represent them at forthcoming wargames shows. Come to the Warg