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Oddity Miniatures

Oddity Miniatures has posted up the concept art pieces for a new game they're working on called Pitfighter.MelaniaTerraxus SourceFrom the preview:Oddity is working on a new game and game currently cal
Oddity Miniatures has a big announcement posted, the main crux of it being that they were purchased by Hasslefree Miniatures.SourceFrom the announcement:The big announcement!First of all I want to tha
Oddity Miniatures are in their final days over on Indiegogo. They've updated the price of the painted option as well as updated about the "flexible funding" portion of things.From the update:I've lowe
Oddity Miniatures has 5 days left in their Orcs campaign over on Indiegogo. They've got some more painted minis photos up as well to help entice you to pledge.From the campaign:Hi all, only five days
Oddity Miniatures has updated their Orcs Indiegogo campaign and added the new Hogman to it.From the update:Update 5! The arrival of the Hogman!!!A lot of people have asked me if I can include the Hogm
Oddity Miniatures has added new pledge levels to their Indiegogo campaign where you can get your Orc models professionally painted.From the update:I’ve got some pretty exiting news to share with you a
Oddity Miniatures shows off a preview of the new Orc sculpts they're looking to fund over on Indiegogo.From the update:Hi all,I've had some feedback that people are a bit worried that when they get th
Oddity Miniatures has launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund some new Orc miniatures.From the campaign:Hello all!My name is Tim and I am the owner of Oddity Miniatures. My range is still in i
Oddity Miniatures is showing off preview shots for their Demon of Gluttony.From the preview:The demon of gluttony is a depraved entity who takes the body of a deceased human as a host and stills his u
Oddity Miniatures is showing off some shots of their finished Hogman green.From the preview:Oddity miniatures has just reveiled pictures of its first miniature, the Hogman! You can check out more pics