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ODAM Publishing

Sometimes a game gets sold out so quickly that many people are left wanting it, but can't get it. Sure, there's the secondary market, but the markup can be insane. Thankfully, for those that missed ou
For those that have played Dreamscape: Laruna, you're in for a treat. Laruna: Age of Kingdom brings that setting to you in an entirely new format with a 4-X miniatures board game. Or, perhaps you've n
Odam Publishing has their new Kickstarter campaign up and running. It's for Laruna: Age of Kingdoms. It's a board game with a little bit of everything going on. There's worker placement. There's area
Have you ever had a dream so real that when you wake up you have to sort of "get your bearings" again and realize you're back in the real world? The kind where, for a bit, even the usually-familiar su
You ever have a dream that you swear was real? Like you wake up from it and have to take a moment to remember actually where you are (hopefully that place being safe in bed). It might take part of the
What if you inherited the power of a god? What if you could make huge changes in the world? What if it was just you, and others like you, who could fight against those that also have such power, but h
ODAM Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Of Dreams and Magic, their new RPG where your dreams become realities, and some of your realities become dreams.SourceFrom the campaign:What if