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Just think about all the technological advances we've made in the last hundred years. It's pretty amazing. Now, think about what could happen in the next billion years. But that's where you find yourself in Numenera, the RPG of fantastical sci-fi exploration. There's a Kickstarter campaign running right now to bring three new books to the game, each greatly expanding your options for your games.

The middle of the week and the start of a new month. 2017 is already 1/12 in the books. January sure did go by quick (at least for me). Before you know it, we'll be announcing Black Friday sales. Ok, maybe that's a bit much. Plenty of things to do between now and then. And if we want to keep up our strength, we should nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Mighty Meeples: Ghostbusters Collection Released by Cryptozoic; 4th Edition Preview Flames of War Preview: New Paint Sets, Spray Cans, Token Sets and Gaming Aids; Eye for an Eye: Arena Coming To Kickstarter; Acheson Creations announces two "Big Events" for February 2017; Numenera Audio Collection from Plate Mail Games; The Dragon Tray Up On Kickstarter; Aenor Miniatures Releases New Zombie Survivor; New Line of SCI-FI Miniatures by RBJ Game Company; Dice Base: Master GM Screen Up On Kickstarter; Black Earth tabletop wargame coming on IndieGoGo in February; F'aa'thum, Greater Stygian Wardemon of Fate Available From Kromlech; Baueda New DBA 3.0 Norse Irish Army Pack is Now Available; Elder Dice Coming to Kickstarter; and New Circular Ruler From Micro Art Studio.

Monte Cook Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for an exclusive box set for their science-fantasy RPG, Numenera. The campaign has only 10 days left, but they're closing on being 6x funded. So there's plenty of stretch goals and extras to check out.

Numenera is a tabletop RPG, science-fantasy game that is set in a super-distant future. Players explore the earth and find wondrous artifacts left by past civilizations.
Numenera has a Kickstarter campaign running in order to fund several poster-maps of the new Monte Cook world. They've made their funding and then some, so it's stretch goals for the next 12 days.

From the campaign:

The Ninth World beckons! Explore every corner of Monte Cook's Numenera setting in glorious detail with huge, high-quality poster maps!