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Nuclear Renaissance

Ramshackle Games has released The Tome of Tridlins, a major update to their Nuclear Renaissance game.From the update:After much time play testing and laying out, Ramshackle Games is ready to release T
Ramshackle Games is starting their final leg of the Kickstarter campaign. They've added in a portion of the rulebook for you to see as well.From the campaign:The Ramshackle Games Kickstarter has just
Ramshackle Games have added a new figure, Cavendish, to their Nuclear Renaissance post-apocalyptic range of figures and vehicles. From their announcement: New to the Ramshackle Games web shop is C
Ramshackle Games have released new Giggles crew figures for their Nuclear Renaissance post-apocalyptic rules. From their announcement: Due to the popularity of the other Giggles Clan figures, I've