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NorthStar Games

I know. I know. I know. It's Tuesday, not Saturday. But I was a tad busy Saturday, if you didn't notice. ;)
So, after flying home yesterday, and then getting around 12 hours of sleep overnight, I'm looking to get back into the swing of things here. Most companies "shut down" during Gen Con, since they were all at the show, but there's still plenty to catch up with from over the weekend. That starts with the reviews I know you all so desperately desire.

Today we have: Isle of Skye, Zoo Ball, Hunt the Ravager, Evolution, Arena of the Gods, Biotix, Secrets of the Lost Station, Spoils of War, Open Combat Sword Masters, Gothic, The Golden Sails, The Lost Expedition, FourCuatro, Lazer Ryderz, Loot the Body,

Brigade Games and NorthStar are bringing you their 8th Gnickstarter campaign (or is it "Nickstarter"? I dunno, the page uses both. So take or leave the "G" as you please). This time around it's a new Frostgrave expansion: Into the Breeding Pits. What's a (G)Nickstarter? It's the special pre-order program that the companies have.
Osprey Publishing and Northstar Military Figures are teaming up to take you to the frozen land of Nador... I mean Frostgrave, with a new fantasy skirmish wargame. In Frostgrave, players are playing as wizards who form up bands of followers who then roam the streets, looking for various lost, and powerful, magic items. Each wizard comes from one of the various wizard schools and can learn up to 80 different spells.
NorthStar Games will be separating off its own "strategy division" to create new types of games for your tabletop. Survival of the Fittest (working title) to be their first.


From the press release:

Dominic Crapuchettes and the team at NorthStar Games has been chomping at the bit to release strategy games ever since starting the company 10 years ago. News Flash: There will be no more chomping at NorthStar!

"We've finally decided to start a strategy division at NorthStar Games. The games in this product line will have complexity comparable to Dominion, Stone Age, Small World, 7 Wonders, etc." said Dominic Crapuchettes. "The first release from the NorthStar Strategy division has a working title of Survival of the Fittest. We've hired a superb artist to bring the game to life, and it's going to be AWESOME! "

Here is one of the first concept sketches from renowned artist Catherine Hamilton.

North Star Games will use Kickstarter to help fund the launch of its new strategy division. This will allow the company to grow a strategy division without diverting money from its core business, which has been growing at over 30% a year.