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Norsgard Miniatures

Norsgard put up a preview of another of their January releases. This one's the Tribal Warrior for the Mork Tribe.From the preview:Mork Tribal Warrior is our second release planned for January. Please
Norsgard wonders "what's in a name?" Well, it could be a free mini if they pick the one you suggest.From them to you:We still need a name for first undead witch!!! Give her the name and if we will cho
Norsgard Miniatures posted up their November release: The Fallen for the Order of the Ram.From the release:It took a lot of time and hard work, but now I can proudly introduce new orc for Order of the
Norsgard Miniatures now has their September releases available over on their website.From the announcement:Septemer releases are already available. This time something new for Mork Tribe (again!) and
Norsgard Miniatures gives us a preview of the campaign set they're working on.From them to you:As I already said in October/November you can expect campaign for Norsgard. It will campaign in good old
Norsgard put up a photo of their August releases. Go have a look-see.From the update:Dark barbarians from Mork Tribe are ready to conquer world of Isbran!
Norsgard now has their June releases up in their webstore for your purchasing pleasure.From the release:Mighty orcs from Order of the Ram are joining the battles! Unit cards included (with collector n
Norsgard is looking to expand their line with Alliance of the Bat and would sure appreciate it if you could help them out with it.From the campaign:The aim of this project is to raise the funds to rel
Norsgards did a pretty big update on their website that's got a little bit of everything, from new concept art, to a new green, to June releases.From the update:Hello after a long pause! It was pretty
Norsgard is looking for playtesters for their third faction. If you're interested, check it out.From the update:We have another army ready for playtesting! Anyone interested intrying Temple of Storms
Norsgard Miniatures has the rulebook for their game now available for download from their website.From the announcement:The rules are now ready to download. Checkout the Downloads Section! We would al
Norsgard Miniatures is giving us a sneak peek at their new Order of the Ram Orc line.From the release:We will not be releasing any models in April, but in May a first model for the Order of the Ram wi
Norsgard Miniatures previews their Oracle of Storms.From the preview:We proudly present the second model in the Norsgard line - the Oracle of Storms. For more information see our Store.We also have an
Norsgard Miniatures previews their March release!Excitement abounds!The next model will be released in the second half of March, but in the meantime we would like to show you what we are planning for