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Norsgard Miniatures

Norsgard has just a couple hours left in their Kickstarter campaign. If you were waiting until the very end to jump in, your time has come!SourceFrom the campaign:Campaign will soon end and this is a
Norsgard posted up the alpha rules for their minis game over on their Kickstarter page.Less than a week to go in the campaign.SourceFrom the update:Hello Norsgard Fans. You have asked for the rules an
Board Game Playmat [3'x5'] Cushioned / Water Resistant
Norsgard keeps making it through more stretch goals. Their latest being the Dwarven Siege Master.Just over a week to go.SourceFrom the campaign:Just like that the Dwarven Siege Master is unlocked. Thi
Norsgard is making it through more stretch goals in their Kickstarter campaign. Plus, they've got a special going on this week.SourceFrom the campaign:Alliance of the Bat WeekAlliance week continues w
Norsgard is showing off some dwarf sculpts for their Alliance of the Bat from their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:Just wanted to show you all the dwarf rangers that are being included i
Norsgard keeps making it through more stretch goals over on their Kickstarter. Now it's the Alliance of the Bat.SourceFrom the update:Thanks to your continued support we have unlocked the third factio
Norsgard has posted up their first gameplay video over on their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the post:Sorry it has taken longer than we had hoped to put this together. But at long last our first vi
Norsgard is showing off preview renders for the Mistress of the Hunt miniature that's part of their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the post:The Mistress of the Hunt is capable of putting fear into th
Brueckenkopf posted a review of some of Norsgard's minis over on their website.SourceFrom the review:We have managed to get our hands on 5 of the Norsgard minis (currently on Kickstarter) and took a v
Norsgard has made it over 2x funded over on their Kickstarter campaign.Check out the previews they've posted up.SourceFrom the campaign:At last the Wolfkin Armsmaster has arrived. Thanks to all you wo
Norsgard has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new 32mm scale minis game.SourceFrom the campaign:Norsgard is a heroic scale (32mm) skirmish game. Two or more players take control of a smal
Norsgard posted up a preview of some Dwarf miniatures they're working on.SourceFrom the post:Do not forget about Kickstarter - 3/November/2014To survive in the mountains, one must be resourceful and c
Norsgard is showing off their artwork and 3D render for the Wulfkin armsmaster mini they're working on.wulfkin-armsmasterwulfkin-art SourceFrom the post:Wulfkin armsmasters devote their entire lives t
Norsgard gives us a look at the artwork for the Orc Heavy Cavalry they're working on.SourceFrom them to you:We are going to start Kisckstarter campaign in October. Here is small preview: orc rider. Al
Norsgard is showing off one of their painted-up Dark Guard for their Ice Elves Army campaign on Indiegogo. They've got a week left and are still looking to make their funding goal.SourceFrom the campa
Norsgard has an Indiegogo campaign up and running for some new Ice Elves.SourceFrom the campaign:A gorgeous army of undead elves stands ready to be commanded across the ice-bound world of Isbran. Join
Chest of Colors has a review article up taking a look at the Howling Horde set available from Norsgard Miniatures.SourceFrom the review:Recently I came into possession of this set. I decided to make a
Norsgard has their preliminary rulebook for their game now available to download from their website.SourceFrom the announcement:Be sure to download the game rulebook which is now available at our site
Norsgard will be sending out new box sets soon. They've got a preview up of their Orc Chieftan mini for you to look at in the meantime.SourceFrom the preview:Starter boxes for Norsgard the game will b
Norsgard Miniatures is showing off the preview 3D render for their Dark Guard miniature they're hoping to have available at the start of next year.SourceFrom the preview:Orc mage and commander for The
Norsgard is previewing the concept art they've got for the Crimson Champion. More art coming soon.SourceFrom the preview:As I promised it is high time to start Norsgard previews! Late January 2014 gam
Norsgard is looking far ahead into the future and giving us a preview of what they've got in store for September.From the preview:We will release first Norsgard starters in September: Mork Tribe and O
Norsgard Miniatures now has their April releases available in their webshop.From the update:April releases are already in store!
Pins of War takes a look at Norsgard's Valdis the Witch, posting up an unboxing article about it.From the unboxing:After Christmas, I was one of the lucky winners (as a runner-up) of Norsgard Miniatur
Norsgard posted up a big announcement about their January releases. Go take a peek.From the update:New releases are just around the corner - the first of the trio of Mork warriors, plus a restock of t