Noble Armada

New Ships for Star Fleet and Noble Armada from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing bulks up your fleet options with new ships for Star Fleet and Noble Armada.

From the release:

We have a variety of new ships now available for Noble Armada, with reinforcements for the Noble Houses, and the technologically advanced Church fleet.

No single institution has as much impact on day-to-day life in the Known Worlds than does the Church. Despite the Church’s many factions and sects, the average peasant sees it as a giant monolith, dedicated to saving humanity from the evil inherent in the universe. As far as commoners can tell, all priests, bishops, archbishops and patriarchs work toward the same goal, hand-in-hand, fighting evil together. Never mind the fact that they call one another heretics; the Church itself is good. The peasants’ view only changes when someone tries to replace the sect of their ancestors with a new one.

We have also just released the Decados Michaelangelo Light Cruiser, and House Li Halan now has access to the Ananda Martyr Fighter, capable of wrecking even large warships in a collision!

For A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, we have just unveiled the Gorn fleet, with all new ship designs.

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Noble Armada Vau preview

Mongoose Publishing have posted a preview of three ship designs for the Vau fleet for the Noble Armada space combat game. Vau Sentinel From their website:
The Vuldrok have made their appearance - now it is time to preview the next fleet... the utterly alien Vau. These ships play very differently to others in the A Call to Arms: Noble Armada universe, reflecting their high technology and unusual method of powering their ships. Each harnesses the energy of a quantum sphere which is carried in the ships' 'claws' and the Vau can use this to bolster specific aspects of their vessels. Instead of using a Special Action, a Vau ship can boost its movement, defences or weaponry. For example, if boosting movement, the ship's Speed is doubled for the turn or, alternatively, the entire ship can be 'teleported' a short distance to really put your enemy off balance. Though each ship only has one meson blast weapon system, it is extremely powerful, with the toughest sporting Accurate, Devastating +1 and Multihit 3D6 - and that is before the quantum sphere boosts it.

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Noble Armada: Vuldrok Fleet for pre-order

Mongoose Publishing are now accepting pre-orders for the Noble Armada: Vuldrok Fleet.  Vuldrok Fleet From their announcement:
We have just posted details of the all new Vuldrok Star Nation, the latest fleet for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada. The Vuldrok are a savage race of humans, keen to get to grips with their enemy , and equipped with the warships to do just that. From the heavily armoured Froljir galliot to the mighty Slatra Konungr dreadnought, this fleet will test the mettle of the finest noble admiral. You can find the entire fleet up for pre-order, plus download the official fleet list for free. Sharp-eyed admirals will also note that we have also put the Hawkwood Stealth Fighter up for pre-order, and Planet Mongoose features a preview of the next fleet to appear, the utterly alien Vau.

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Naga Grand Cruiser design updated

Mongoose Publishing have posted images of an updated sculpt for the Li Halan Naga Grand Cruiser for Noble Armada. From their website:
Lots of bits and pieces going on here at the moment, and it is rather difficult to keep trqack of them all - still, lots of fun! While I work out exactly what needs to be done this week, let me entertain you with the Li Halan Naga Grand Cruiser, recently re-tweaked and redesigned. This ship is the most powerful (yet) in the Li Halan fleet, weighing in between a cruiser and a dreadnought. Bringing a light meson cannon to the party, it also sports turrets with heavy blasters. If that were not enough, enjoy the row upon row of heavy lasers running down its gun decks... With a tough Hull and lots of Damage, together with plenty of Troops, this will be a tough nut to crack!

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New Noble Armada previews

Mongoose Publishing have posted previews of the 3D sculpts for two new Noble Armada miniatures. Hazat Shamshir Strike Cruiser From their website:
Sandrine is currently busy working on the all new Vau fleet (very advanced technology.), but I managed to swipe these images from her machine while she was going for coffee - new vessels due a little later this year for Hazat and al Malik. First up, is the Hazat Shamshir Strike Cruiser. This addition to the Hazat fleet is no more subtle than its companions. A big, heavy cruiser, the Shamshir retains heavy blasters in the turrets (Hazat players will know how useful they are.) and a large contingent of Troops. However, it also sports a small number of hangars and the Carrier trait, making the entire fleet more flexible by giving it more options to field fighters. So what, you may ask... This will become painfully obvious when we unveil the Immortal Boarding Shuttle, a fighter-class craft that shoots across space to latch on to an enemy and make an immediate boarding action.

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Kurgan Fleet unveiled for CTA: Noble Armada

Mongoose Publishing are accepting pre-orders for the Kurgan Fleet for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada. Kurgan Fleet From their announcement:
The first new fleet for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada has just been unveiled on our web site - the Kurga Caliphate has arrived, and they are angry. This fleet is arriving in our warehouse in early July, so get your pre-orders in to make a big impact on the Known Worlds. The entire fleet list is also on our web site for free download. At first glance, the Kurgan fleet seems comparable to those of the Noble Houses, with raiders, frigates, cruisers, and the rest. However, in play, you will find them very different. The Kurga have a greater reliance on fighters, with two carriers in their list and a dreadnought capable of launching them as well. While they have no dedicated heavy fighters, the Kurga have the Bogatyr which is a multirole design that can double up for heavy work. However, their most feared fighter has to be the Khangard, a ‘martyr’ fighter designed to speed towards the enemy and detonate on impact. As befits their barbarian image, the Kurga are also extremely capable during boarding actions and this, combined with their unique heat blasters that can devastate enemy crew, makes them a far more sophisticated fleet than the ‘one trick pony’ many nobles consider them to be. Ignore them at your peril.

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Noble Armdada Vuldrok Galliot preview

Mongoose Publishing have posted an image of the 3D sculpt for the Noble Armdada Vuldrok Galliot figure. Vuldrok Galliot From their website:
Sandrine has just sent me the 3D model of the Vuldrok Galliot, which will be available this time next month; This is part of a fleet that has no Shields but very heavy armour, and just loves to board enemy ships - Hazat nobles, watch out. The Kurgan Fleet is now up on the web site, and we'll be posting piccies of the larger ships (Carrier, Cruiser and Dreadnought) just as soon as they get a lick of paint on them. If you are a quick painter, both fleets should be ready in time for our Lord of the Fading Suns tournament, on July 16th.

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Judge Dredd and Noble Armada releases

Mongoose Publishing have posted details of a series of new releases for the Judge Dredd and Noble Armada rules. Osprey Heavy Carrier From their announcement:
We have just unveiled a handful of new miniatures here at Mongoose, ready to pre-order, or scoop up right now! For A Call to Arms: Noble Armada, we have finally revealed the Osprey Heavy Carrier, much to the delight of fans of House Hawkwood. This big beast of a ship is ready to pre-order now, and will be available later in May. For Judge Dredd, we have brought back another model of the man himself, and this is a particularly intimidating pose for Dredd, along with some brand new Sky Surfers, ready to terrorise the airways of Mega-City One.

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Signs & Portents 91 posted

Mongoose Publishing have posted issue 91 of their free PDF-based Signs & Portents magazine. From their announcement:
The latest issue of Signs & Portents is ready for download - as always, it is completely free and jam-packed with gaming goodness. In this month's issue; A Call to Arms: Noble Armada Playtest rules designed to expand the role of fighters and troops in your games.

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Noble Armada - What's Next?

Mongoose Publishing have posted a new blog article looking at their plans for the Noble Armada game. From their announcement:
As any long-term fan of Mongoose will know, we don't sit on our laurels here at the HQ, and the cogs are already turning for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada. We like to support our games heavily, so this is what you can look forward to over 2011...

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A Call to Arms: Noble Armada tournament

Mongoose Publishing will be holding a A Call to Arms: Noble Armada tournament on May 7th. From their announcement:
On May 7th, Mongoose Publishing is throwing open its doors to hold the first official tournament for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada. A Noble Duel will pit players against one another in a series of games to decide who is the greatest of the Noble Houses. You can download the tournament pack from our forum. This is a great opportunity to meet and play with like-minded gamers, and everyone always has a great time at these events. The Mongoose store will be open with a few new goodies, and prizes will be given for the finest nobles at the event. A Noble Duel will be held at Mongoose HQ in Swindon, UK, and a map can be downloaded from;

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A Call to Arms: Noble Armada released this week

Mongoose Publishing will be releasing their A Call to Arms: Noble Armada game this week. The Decados Fleet From their announcement:
This week, the new version of Mongoose's space combat game, A Call to Arms: Noble Armada, will start appearing in your local stores. Drawn from the detailed background of the Fading Suns RPG, A Call to Arms: Noble Armada is a fast to learn, hard to master space combat game involving fleets drawn from the Royal Houses. Players must learn how to knock down or bypass the shields protecting enemy vessels, and then launch assaults on ships with an all new boarding mechanic. With full campaign rules and support for tournaments, A Call to Arms is back as you have never seen it before. You can grab the full initial range, including the rulebook and five high value fleet box sets from our online store.

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