New California

Fantasy Flight Posts New Fallout: New California Preview

While resources might be slim after the apocalypse, and everyone's going to want to get their own share, it's still better for people to band together rather than just fight off anyone and everyone around. In Fallout: New California, players will be heading out into the radioactive wastelands together in search of gear and finishing quests. In this preview, we get a look at how they can help one-another in the process.

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Fantasy Flight Previews Survivors From New California Expansion For Fallout

A new expansion for the Fallout boardgame is coming from Fantasy Flight. New California will add in all sorts of new elements, including a whole host of new survivors that you can take out into the radiation-coated wasteland. In this preview, we get a look at them, along with the perks that make them unique.

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Fantasy Flight Announces New California Expansion for Fallout Board Game

New opportunities arise in New California, a new expansion that new Fantasy Flight (whoops, just kinda got on a roll there) is coming out with for their Fallout board game. There's new characters, new monsters, new scenarios, new ways of playing. It's just new, New, NEW!

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