Netherworld's Edge: Keystone

New starters added to Netherworld's Edge kickstarter

Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory are going steady with their Netherworld's Edge: Keystone Kickstarter campaign. They're over 3x funded with a little over 2 weeks left in the campaign. As such, they've added a new pair of starter sets to the mix, as well as a new pledge level.

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Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory Launch Netherworld's Edge: Keystone Fantasy Miniatures Kickstarter

Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory are looking to fill your gaming tables with adorable little anthropomorphic mice and rats and other fuzzy-wuzzy little critters... who are armed to the teeth and ready to stab one-another to death for dominance. (That escalated fast!) Netherworld's Edge is a new fantasy miniatures skirmish game that's up on Kickstarter. The valiant rangers of the Northern Waywatch Chapters must be ever-vigilant, on the lookout for both their enemies from outside their borders, and those that would corrupt them from within. Their main enemy, the vermin of the Borgal Hollow, will stop at nothing to try and breach the protective walls and run amok among the populace, if they get the chance.

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