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Necromancer Games

Normal wolves are a pretty nasty problem for shepherds and ranchers already. But when they're upgraded to a werewolf, that's just that much tougher. But it's where players find themselves in Shepherd'
Just the other day, my DM was looking at a new book she'd just gotten and said, "damn. I hoped there'd be more magic items in here." Well, that's not something she'll say if she gets the Tome of Wondr
As we all know, the greatest threat to everyday life is... ... Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays* At least, that's where your adventurers are going in Necropolis, a fantasy RPG adventure for both 5
Necromancer Games rises once more and is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new 5th edition D&D supplements.SourceFrom the campaign:5th Edition Rules: 1st Edition Feel! Necromancer Games re-anim