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Najewitz Modellbau

Hello again, work week. I guess it's nice to see you again. It's looking like Winter, who has been on vacation for most of... well... winter, is making a run at it here just as we're a week away from
The week continues to just crawl on by. Man, I've not felt a week has taken this long for quite a while. I feel like I should be typing up the Friday Snippets instead of the Thursday Terrain Corner. B
The weekend is over. I'm sure many of you aren't all that happy about the. I can't say I'm thrilled, either. But waddyagonnado? Time marches on! And so should we. We must look forward to next weekend
It's Thursday and I'm at home. The Office Move continues, with much of the furniture making its way to the new building. But since the new place isn't quite ready yet, many of us are working from home
The first couple days went by slowly, but since then, at least for me, the week's felt like it's picked up steam and we're rushing our way towards the weekend. I know I could use some relaxation time,
I hope everyone's weekend was as productive as mine was. And yes, "I relaxed and unwound from a busy week" can count as being productive. At least, I think so.But being Monday, it's back to the office
We're picking up speed, everyone. The weekend is getting ever-closer. It's time to start making plans for some gaming, if you haven't already. And if you're going to be gaming, best to have as good a
After a couple weeks of vacations, it's back in the office, on the regular, for a spell. Yay?Actually, that's not so bad. I'm one of those "regular routine" sort of people, anyway. So it's all good.I
As I've mentioned, Thanksgiving is basically the international symbol of "the holiday season has begun" and that means pretty much everyone's having their holiday sales either now or starting soon. On
This week is certainly getting off to a rocket of a start. Obviously, you can't see any of the goings-on over on the opposite side of the screen, but needless to say, it's been a rather busy morning.
Model Dads takes a look at some of the 15mm Normandy buildings from Najewitz Modellbau and gives us their thoughts on the situation in this new video review.SourceFrom the website:New flat-packed self
Najewitz Modellbau have some new 28mm Normandy townhouses available over in their webshop.Townhouse With Shoptownhouse SourceFrom the release:New Normandy Buildings 28mm. 3 new types of nomandy townho
Najewitz Modellbau launched a new line of 28mm Waterloo houses over in their webshop.w1w4 SourceFrom the release:Here the first building for the Waterloo Campaign. More will follow soon. Useful for Li
Najewitz Modellbau has some new North African terrain pieces available to spice up your miniatures table.GateNorth Africa SourceFrom the website:Some new stuff for your 1:72 oriental game table
Najewitz Modellbau released some new 15mm Normandy buildings over in their webshop.n15_fw1n15_sh1 SourceFrom the release:2 new sets for your 15mm normandy terrain.6 timbered houses amd a twonhall with
Najewitz Modellbau released two new 15mm building sets, one for their Normandy range and one for their general Historic range.HistoricNormandy SourceFrom the release:In addition to my 15mm range, now
Najewitz Modellbau released their new Normandy Farmstead now in 15mm over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:After a couple of requests I made a resin model of my farmstead in 15mm
Najewitz Modellbau expands their 1:72 scale Normandy terrain line with the release of their new Farmstead.Normandy Farmstead 1Normandy Farmstead 2 SourceFrom the release:Inspired by my last visit in N
Najewitz Modellbau has started taking orders for their new 15mm Pegasus Bridge terrain set over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:Here I present a new terrain piece for your table. The "Pegasus-
Najewitz Modellbau gives you some more terrain options with the release of their new 1:72 scale Italian buildings.SourceFrom the release:Here new stuff for your 1:72 terrain. 10 resin-buildings for It
Najewitz Modellbau has some new Ancient Roman buildings over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:Here 4 new buildings for your terrain. casted in resin. Scale 1:72
Najewitz Modellbau has some new 1:72 scale Normandy terrain available over in their webshop to help enhance your gaming experience.SourceFrom the update:A set of new houses will extend my 1:72 Normand
Najewitz Modellbau brings a touch of North Africa to your gaming table with the release of these new terrain buildings.If you listen close to them, I think you can hear someone yelling, "Indyyyyyyyyyy
Najewitz Modellbau beautifies your table with some new buildings from their 1813 terrain line.From the release:For your battles on gametable, I have 8 new buildings for this period.
Najewitz Modellbau has some new French buildings in stock to help beautify your tabletop.From the release:Some new 28mm buildings made of resin. You can use most also as rural buildings.