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Mythic Games

What gamer doesn't love an expansion for their favorite game? It's what you love, but more options, more choices, more strategy. Well, if your favorite game is Enchanters (or even if it's not your absolute favorite, but you still love playing it), you're in luck. There's a lot of new artifact combos coming in East Quest, the new expansion for the game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Mythic Games has announced a new minis game they're working on. It's called Super Fantasy Brawl. Players will construct teams of legendary fighters and take to the arena floor to fight for honor, glory, and the love of the crowd. The game will be making its way to Kickstarter later this year.

The Nazis are losing WWII. However, they have a secret weapon they've been working on that will turn the tide of war forever in their favor. A strange substance known only as Vril was discovered that has a nearly limitless amount of uses and power. The scientists working with it have done so in absolute secrecy. However, the Allies have now found out about it and are coming to stop their research. Will they get there in time? That's for you to find out in Reichbusters: Projekt Vril, a new cooperative board game coming to Kickstarter in November from Mythic Games.

If you want to build up hype for your game, it's hard to think of a much better place to do it than Gen Con. And, considering this show is just about sold out, it's easy to say that this is going to be the biggest Gen Con ever. So, it's good that, prior to their October launch on Kickstarter, Mythic Games will be showing off Time of Legends: Joan of Arc at the show.
Seeing as there will be tens of thousands of gamers all stacked one on top of the other in a week and a half in Indianapolis, game companies would be wise to bring out new products to show off, particularly if they're going to be seeking funding for said projects later in the year. Well, the people at Mythic Games are wise, and so they will be showing off Mythic Battles: Pantheon, at the show.