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Mysthea: Legends From the Borderlands is a new RPG book that's up on Kickstarters. It uses the Apocalypse World engine and is based on the universe used for Mysthea. A great war is afoot, with the two last kingdoms in the land vying for control. Which side will you be on?

International Tabletop Day. It's like our true gaming holiday. I'll be spending it playing D&D with friends (even doing a live stream and then uploading the video later, because that seems like a good idea at the time). I hope you also have something planned out for your day. I know I plan on getting you some game reviews.

This week we have: Pocket Ops, Envyra, Mysthea, Iquazu, Time Barons, Byzanz, Wonderland: Vast: Fearsome Foes Expansion, Pulsar 2849, and Zoo Ball.