Mutants & Heretics

Essen, Job Openings, And New Print Release For Mutant Chronicles From Modiphius

Modiphius has a whole bunch of stories going on at once today. They've got a couple details up about what they'll be doing at Essen. There's a couple job openings. And there's the print version of a Mutant Chronicles sourcebook now available.

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Modiphius Releases Mutant Chronicles: Mutants & Heretics PDF

Societies always have at least one "the other." You know, those that are set apart from the rest of the populace for some reason or another. In the case of Mutant Chronicles those would be the mutants and the heretics. Now, I know, you'd think a game called, "Mutant Chronicles" would have mutants just running around all over the place. But that's not always the case. They're still rather misunderstood. And then there's the heretics. What's going on with them? Well, you can find out about both in the Mutants & Heretics supplement for the game.

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