Mutant: Year Zero

Mutant: Elysium Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter

It's often that you find an expansion for a board game that also counts as a stand-alone game ("expanshalone" is what I remember calling something like that back in the day). What you don't quite see so often is an RPG that's a stand-alone expansion. But that's what we have here. Mutant: Elysium is the 3rd of the Mutant: Year Zero RPG expansions, but while it's an expansion, it's also a stand-alone game on its own. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

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Two New Zone Compendiums Available For Mutant: Year Zero From Modiphius

In the post-apocalyptic world of Mutant: Year Zero, the surrounding landscape has been forever altered. Robots roam in their own enclaves. Psychics sit in control of shadowy organizations. All manner of strange things have become commonplace. Modiphius has released two new Zone Compendiums for the RPG. They're Zones 4 and 5, and you can pick them up now.

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