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Musketeer Miniatures

Gripping Beast was in charge of Musketeer Miniatures for a bit, but now MM's headed back out on their own.



From the announcement:

Its been a number year since Lord S and Darren at Gripping Beast took over the reins of running Musketeer Miniatures, and in that time we have seen many changes both for myself personally, and for Gripping Beast. I now find myself in the position of being able to take over the day-to-day running of Musketeer once more, and enable Gripping Beast to concentrate their efforts on their many new projects which are keeping them very busy. I'd like to send Lord S, Darren, Roger and Martin my immense gratitude and thanks for helping to keep the Musketeer ranges alive and kicking during this time, and making my move to the US possible. I couldn't have done it without them all so thank you guys.
Musketeer Miniatures now has released their new Saxon Heroes.

From the release:

Painted by Ady Burt (and a great job he's done too!). Aella and his Bannerman and also Hengist and Horsa are now available on the website :)

Musketeer Miniatures have posted a preview of painted samples of their 28mm Arab Horse Archer miniatures. From their announcement:
Here are the new Arab Horse Archers from a previous post. These were painted by Darren of Gripping Beast and a bloody nice job he made of them. The arrow is just a piece of thin wire. I have sculpted the flights so there is a small hole to add it in. Cast on arrows never look right and are a nightmare to cast being so thin. If people like the idea I'll do it with other archer packs in future :)
Musketeer Miniatures have added several new packs of 28mm historical figures to their online store. Arthurian From their website:
Just added some new packs. In the Late Roman/Early Byzantine range we now have available RB03 Armoured Infantry in Crested Helmets and RB08 Unarmoured Infantry in Hats. In the WW1 Russians range, Advancing Infantry in Greatcoats. Finally in the Great Northern War range we have GNWS13 cavalry in Karpus.
Musketeer Miniatures have posted photos of painted and unpainted samples of some of the new historical miniatures they will be bringing with them to Salute 2011. previews From their website:
Here a few pics of the new releases. Last of the greens are in the mould tomorrow, so unless it goes horribly wrong, I'll have them all at salute at the GB stand
Musketeer Miniatures have posted photos of some of the greens of some of the new historical figures they will soon be releasing. Swedish Gunners