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As you know, Steve Jackson Games is doing guest artist editions of their Munchkin games. Most of those were originally illustrated by John Kovalic. Well, when it came time to do the original Munchkin
It might be hard to believe, but Steve Jackson's Munchkin card game came out in 2001. Honestly... I thought it was before that... but that's me... I wonder if it feels that long ago for John Kovalic..
John Kovalic, artist to the stars, is doing another of his charity bike ride events. If you help support him, not only will you be giving your money to a good cause (in this case, the FairShare CSA Co
I've been wearing glasses since grade school. I've had a beard since high school. I liked gaming back in the 90s. I've occasionally been accused of being a hipster, though thankfully not very often. I
Munchkin. The popular card game by Steve Jackson Games has quite a lot of iterations to it. From the classic version, to all those expansions, to versions in space, with fairies, with pirates, and bas
Though I'm sure a lot of us don't really want to think much about it, but Christmas will be here before you know it. As such, it's time for companies to start announcing products that will be hitting
Gears! Goggles! Brass! Corsets! Pore-cleansing steam! Steampunk has it all. And now it'll have Munchkin. And more than that, it'll have Munchkin Deluxe. Steve Jackson Games has announced that Munchkin
John Kovalic, the world-renown artist for almost countless games and the comic Dork Tower, is going to be going on another of his charity bike rides. This time it's for Diabetes research. He'd love it
More news from the GAMA Trade Show 2015. Steve Jackson Games announced the newest edition of Munchkin. This time it's based on the popular Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas!Not much else
Steve Jackson Games has announced they're coming out with a new Deluxe version of Star Munchkin.SourceFrom the announcement:168 cards, 12 standies, 6 player cards, gameboard, rulesheet, and a six-side
Steve Jackson Games will have a pop-up Munchkin store in New York in February. Stop by and get advance releases and also get your games signed by the designer, brand manager, and artist.SourceFrom the
Steve Jackson Games has announced a tie-in set for Munchkin involving Kobolds Ate My Baby.SourceFrom the announcement:All Hail King Torg!A kobold has a harsh life. But at least there are babies to eat
Gettin' Higgy With It gets mathematical and delves into Munchkin Adventure Time in their latest vidcast.SourceIn this episode:We take a look at the card game, Munchkin: Adventure Time, by Steve Jackso
Steve Jackson Games announced another new Munchkin expansion. This one's Love Shark Baby.Not to be confused with Boomerang Baby, Lorenzo.SourceFrom the website:Here's a little something for that speci
John Kovalic is giving away signed, limited edition Munchkin cards to those that pledge to his charity bike ride campaign.SourceFrom the announcement:GUYS! The ONE GOOD DEED Munchkin postcards are at
John Kovalic has posted up an update about the status of various projects he's been working on that are now available.There's some Munchkin, some ROFL and more.SourceFrom the post:Some Gamey UpdatesBu
Steve Jackson Games is showing off what they've got in store for the months of March and April.SourceFrom the announcement:Steve Jackson Games has some great stuff lined up for March and April! We've
Steve Jackson Games has announced a new expansion for Munchkin coming out in August: Munchkin Dragons.From the announcement: Here There Be Dragons!Dragons are fearsome! Dragons are cool! Dragons have
Steve Jackson Games also was gracious enough to talk with Bo, one of the two roving reports of the TGN Action News Team at PAX East. We get a look into the current status of Ogre, the future of Munchk
9th Level Games made it up and over $35k on their Kobolds Ate My Baby Kickstarter project. If they can make it over $50k in the next 2 weeks, Steve Jackson Games will make a KAMB Munchkin set.From the