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Super hero comics are filled with all sorts of mystical and magical heroes and items. Sure, guys like Iron Man, Captain America, and even the Incredible Hulk were all created via science, but you've g
Munchkin's one of those games that's very easy to re-skin to bring in all sorts of different themes to the game. This has resulted in dozens of different expansions for it. Well, Steve Jackson Games h
Every year, famed artist John Kovalic does his bike charity event. In order to raise funds for it, he will make postcards for Munchkin that are 100% game-legal and legit. Pledging to his team during t
I swear this show is just screaming by this year. It's already the end of Day 3. Today will be the last day for Gen Con 2016. As usual for Gen Con Saturday, it was a whirlwind of activity. There was r
The folks over at USAOpoly (*waves to "The Legend"*) want to give you a free copy of their Munchkin: Marvel set. Don't know about that one? Well, you can check out the Review I did. Back from reading
Legends tell of a legend that... Ok, it's been a while since I've seen Kung-Fu Panda. Just insert those opening lines here. Also, as part of the ongoing Guest Artist Editions of the various Munchkin g
October's just the right time to have all sorts of spooky and scary stuff come out for the hobby games we love. Steve Jackson Games certainly feels that way. As such, they're going to have the Guest A
Steve Jackson Games has been working on releasing Guest Artist Editions of their various Munchkin games. Who doesn't love alternate-art versions of their games? I've long been a fan, anyway. Well, tho
Can anyone ever really have too much Munchkin? I don't really think so. But that's me. The folks over at Steve Jackson Games also don't think you can have too much Munchkin. As such, they've got two n
Do you play any of Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin games? I've been known to occasionally dabble with them. If you've ever played one, Steve Jackson Games would like a bit of feedback from you.This is t
I don’t particularly have anything against DC Comics, but I’ve always just enjoyed Marvel more. That’s extended from the comics I read in the 90s through the products I see coming out that have the Ma
So, some friends in foreign countries have already seen Civil War. I know a lot of people that are going this weekend. Seems like a good time to be releasing products based on the Marvel set of comics
Well, it seems you guys haven't gotten enough of Munchkin: Marvel Edition, and the base set isn't even out yet (it's coming in April, if you'd forgotten)! USAopoly and Steve Jackson Games are bringing
So, if I could have any pet I wanted, I'd want a whole herd of polar bears. However, I'm sure something like that would require very specific zoning laws and whatnot. So, in the meantime, I'd want a w
Well, it would seem the cooperation between USAopoly and Steve Jackson Games to create new editions of Munchkin continues on. From the creepy and whimsical world of Tim Burton, this time they're going
For most of my friends, Halloween is their favorite holiday of the year. What can I say? I’ve got some weird/cool friends. Though certainly they are known to sometimes dress up just for funsies at any
I have a lot of friends with young kids (or soon to have young kids, in a couple cases). They're always looking for new games that they can play with their kids. Let's face it, Risk with a 6 year old
Put a gear on it! That'll make it Steampunk!Ok, so steampunk is a lot more than just adding a gear to it. There's also brass and copper pipes and so forth. Also, Munchkin. Well, you can have Steampunk
The Guest Artist Editions of the various Munchkin sets just keep coming (there are a lot of Munchkin sets, after all). Steve Jackson Games has just announced another couple. Munchkin Cthulhu and Super
Munchkin is just having all sorts of news around it lately. There's the guest artist editions. There's various expansions coming out. There's also the new The Nightmare Before Christmas set that you c
John Kovalic, comic and game artist (of such games like Munchkin, Apples to Apples, Cash 'n' Guns, and many, many, many more) does regular bike rides for charity. He has another one coming up soon and
As you know, Steve Jackson Games is doing guest artist editions of their Munchkin games. Most of those were originally illustrated by John Kovalic. Well, when it came time to do the original Munchkin
It might be hard to believe, but Steve Jackson's Munchkin card game came out in 2001. Honestly... I thought it was before that... but that's me... I wonder if it feels that long ago for John Kovalic..
John Kovalic, artist to the stars, is doing another of his charity bike ride events. If you help support him, not only will you be giving your money to a good cause (in this case, the FairShare CSA Co
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